A Village Fair Composition In English

A Village Fair Composition
A Village Fair Composition

A Village Fair Composition : Bangladesh is a land of villages. So a village fair is a very common sight here. It is a large gathering of the village people of all ages and of all sections  for buying and selling fancy goods. It is a great attraction to the Village life. lt is a great source of amusement and recreation in village life.

Location : Every year a village fair is held almost in every big village in our country. It sits on the river side or a canal side or in the yard of a temple or Under a big banyan tree. It lasts for a day or a week. It is held on the occasion of Pahela Baishakh, or Durgapuja or Chaitra Sankranti.
Description : A village fair is a kind of exhibition of the village products. Temporary shops are set up in rows. Fancy goods like toys, dolls, combs, hair pins, bangles, ribbons, cheap ornaments, cosmetics etc are sold in a village fair. Fancy bamboo and wooden things, utensils, sweet-meats and seasonal fruits are also sold here. Children buy dolls and other fancy goods. Women buy bangles, hair pins, cosmetics, ornaments etc. Old men buy caps and wooden sticks.

Attraction : A village fair is a nice place for the recreation to the villagers. The main attractions of a village fair are the magic show, The doll dance, the cock fight, the jatra, the circus etc. So a village fair gives a great joy to the village people.
Importance : A village fair has a great value to the village people. It inspires craftsmen, weavers, porters, cottage industries and handicrafts. It helps to develop the village economy. It removes the monotony of village life and develop the outlook of the rural people. It also greatly helps to establish a close ties and a good harmony and unity, a good co-operation and a mutual understanding among the villagers.

Demerits : It has some drawbacks too. Gambling parties hamper the character of the simple and honest villagers. It creates too much noise which is very harmful to hearing and nerve. Cheats, pickpockets, criminals and village mastans come to the fair and commit various kinds of evil deeds. It also pollutes air and water seriously because of proper sanitation.
Conclusion : Though a- village fair has some defects, it does a great good to the villagers in many ways. To the village children it is a great attraction. So, a village fair plays an important role in removing the monotony of hard work of the villagers. It is a great source of amusement and recreation to the rural life. So, a village fair helps the rural people to lead a cheerful, peaceful and chaos-free life.

A Village Fair composition for Jsc / Ssc / Hsc :

A village fair is an annual affair in the rural areas of Bangladesh. It is a large gathering place for men, women and children. The village people gather here to sell and buy local products. It is a great attraction to the children.

Site and occasion : A village fair usually sits in the central part of the village or on the bank of a river or at the market place or in the yard of a temple . It is generally held on the occasion of a religious festival or on the death anniversary of a holy man. It is also held in the beginning day of Baishakh. It lasts for a day or for days together.
Description : A village fair is a kind of exhibition. The people of different professions bring their own handmade articles for sell and display. The shop-keepers sit in rows. Clothes, toys, cheap ornaments, cosmetics, cheap fancy goods , utensils, bamboo made articles, sweetmeats and many other attractive things are sold in the village fair. There are also earthen wares and stationary goods in a village fair. Everybody buys things after his own choice.

Attractions : People of different classes visit a village fair and can enjoy different attractions there. The main attractions are Jatra, Circus, Doll-dance , magic show etc. A merry-go-round attracts the children most. Even the grown up people cannot but take this funny opportunity of having pleasure.
Usefulness : A village fair comes to the use of the villagers in many ways. It acts like a market for cottage industries and encourages the artisans, craftsmen, porters, weavers and cultivators. It also gives enjoyment to the simple villagers.
Demerits : A village fair has some demerits. It has no proper sanitation . Gambling parties are often seen in a village fair. These cause economic loss to the simple villagers. From this, the innocent boys get the first training to go astray. Its ultimate result is very fatal for the society.

Conclusion : A village fair is a much hooked for occasion of the village people. It brings a valuable and essential change in the life of the villagers. It broadens their thinking and inspires them. It plays an important role in our economic development. The Govt. should encourage the fair as they promote rural arts and crafts .

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