An idle king story in English

An idle king story
An idle king story

An idle king story : once there was an old king. He did not like physical labour. As a result he grew bulky and could not move from one place to another. He called in a doctor. The doctor was very clever and from a close observation he could learn the fact that idleness is the main reason behind the obesity of the king. He thought, “If the king’s idleness cannot be removed, his obesity will go worse. But being merely a doctor, how can I ask a king for physical labour. Besides, if I do so, the king may not take my suggestion seriously.

He thought and thought and finally hit upon a plan.He told the king that he was in great danger and therefore it is essential to get immediate treatment. Hearing this the king turned pale. He repeatedly requested the doctor to give him medicine. The doctor informed the king that there was only one medicine of his illness. He then gave the king a club and told him to brandish the club in the morning and in the evening for at least one hour. The king had no way before him except doing so. So he started
brandishing the club regularly. Every time he became so tired but did not stop his job. Sweat trickled down his body and at one point he used to lie straight on the earth. After a month the doctor came to visit his patient.He found the king fresh and healthy. He told him that physical labour is the best medicine to keep fit. The king could realize the wits of the doctor. So, he thanked the doctor for prescribing the right medicine and rewarded him greatly.

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