Natural beauty of Bangladesh composition

Natural beauty of Bangladesh composition
Natural beauty of Bangladesh composition

Natural beauty of Bangladesh composition : Bangladesh is a country with scenic natural beauty. In fact, she is nature’s darling. Her climate, her geography with an wonderful variety of rivers, sea, hills and forests, her flora and fauna-all these have made her unique in the world. Nature has
bestowed so much beauty as on Bangladesh on no other country.

Beauties of seasonal cycle: Having a tropical climate, Bangladesh has been blessed with six seasons. These are summer, rainy season, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. All these seasons appear in their distinctive robes. Summer decorates the nature with gifts of delicious fruits. The rainy season produces floods of greenery all over the country. Autumn bewilders all with its blue sky, scenic clouds and floods of moonlight at night. Late autumn produces happy scenery of fields filled with golden crops. Besides, glittering dew drops in the morning make one feel that winter is approaching soon. Then winter comes with all its tastes and enjoyments including lots of vegetables, fruits, date juice etc. At last the spring makes the country the queen of all beauties with all its variety of color, music and smell.

Beauties of river-scenes: Bangladesh has one of the largest river networks in the world. In spite of being a very small country, she has amazingly a total number of about 700 rivers. Each and every river of the country presents scenes of romantic charm and beauty. Few sights on earth can be compared in variety and beauty with the sight of a river in Bangladesh. The banks of the rivers present an unbroken view of a variety of sights. Besides, the sights of sailing boats plying on the river, the sounds of oars and the
songs of boatmen are simply bewitching.

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Beauties of sea-beach: Cox’s Bazar Sea-beach of Bangladesh is the longest sea-beach in the world. Besides, her Kuakata Sea-beach is one of the most attractive sea-beaches of the world. These two sea-beaches are testimony of the unique natural beauty of Bangladesh. Native as well as overseas visitors are tremendously attracted by these sea-beaches.

Beauties of hilly areas: Hilly areas of Bangladesh have contributed highly to her natural beauty. The Madhupur Garh of Mymensingh, Bhawaler Garh of Gazipur and forest areas of Lalmai hill of Comilla are sources of unlimited beauty. Besides, hilly areas of Chittagong region, slopes of Gado hills and hills of Sylhet regions including large green tea gardens captivates the lovers of beauty.

Beauties of the Sundarbans: The Sundarbans has been declared as the 52nd world Heritage Site. It has also gained special attention as a mangrove forest. It is an attractive tourist spot. Many people, particularly foreigners, like to see its natural beauty. For them it is a beautiful place to go far from crowded towns and cities.

Beauties of animal kingdom : Bangladesh has a great variety of wildlife. Her world famous Royal Bengal Tiger, spotted deer, estuarine crocodile etc, are sources of great beauty. Besides, she has about 628 species of birds that add to the beauty of nature. Here people go to bed enjoying the chirping of birds and get up from bed again with the sweet songs of birds.

Conclusion: No one can deny that Bangladesh is a matchless beauty spot in the world. But it is a matter of great concern that we are cruelly destroying this beauty. Besides, as a result of climate change, Bangladesh is facing the threat of extinction of many valuable species of her flora and fauna. It is high time we took concerted efforts to preserve our natural beauty.

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