A stitch in time saves nine story in english

A stitch in time saves nine story
A stitch in time saves nine story

A stitch in time saves nine story in english : once there was a farmer in a village. He was very idle . He had a few plots of land. But he did not plough them well. He did not sow seeds in time So, he could not reap good crops. As a result he was always in want of food. The farmer had a kitchen garden near his house. One day he saw that the fencing around the garden was broken. He said to himself,” I shall repair the fence tomorrow.” But he totally forgot it on the next day. Some days passed by. The farmer did not repair the broken fence.

One day he sat idly by the side of the house. He saw some goats entering the garden through the broken fence. He called his wife to drive the goats from the garden. The farmer’s wife was cooking inside, the kitchen. She came out and ran into the garden to drive away the goats. A dog was waiting outside the kitchen.

When the farmer’s wife went Out the dog entered the kitchen and spoiled some of the food. The farmer hurried into the kitchen with a stick in his hand. As he hurled the stick towards the dog, it hit his son and injured him. All these troubles took place because of the broken fence. The farmer understood that a stitch in time saves nine. So, we should not put off our work for tomorrow.


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