write a letter to your friend about village fair

A letter about village fair : Write a letter to your friend telling/describing him/her about the village fair you visited.

write a letter to your friend about village fair

January 30, 2020

My dear Masum.

Thanks a lot for your sweet letter. Hope that you are well. I am also well. Now I am telling about a village fair that I visited. Ours is a very old and big village. Every year a fair sits in our village on the occasion of Durgapuja. This time too a week long fair was held (sat) on the occasion of Durgapuja. I went the fair with my grand father. I found hundreds of temporary shops. They were in row. The rural potters, weavers, carpenters, artists displayed their hand made products in the fair. Besides, many fancy articles like dolls, toys, kites, wooden furniture and many food items were sold there. The circus party, the doll dance, the magic show and cock-fight were the main attraction of the fair. I enjoyed the cock-fight much. It was a large gathering of men, women and children. of all ages,Especially it was a great attraction to the children.
I bought a wooden stick for my grandmother. I returned home before sun set. A village fair is a great source of amusement for the rural people. Every year I visit the village fair. No more today.
With your good wishes.
Yours truly,

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