The Selfish giant story for students

the selfish giant story
The selfish giant story

The Selfish giant story : Once there was a selfish giant who had a large and beautiful garden. The garden was full of soft green grass. Here and there all over the grass stood many colourful flowers like stars. The garden was a nice playground for the beautiful children. The children would like the garden very much. So, they would come to the garden everyday for playing different kinds of games.

But they would not know about the selfish giant who was the owner of the garden. They came and played as usual. Suddenly the giant noticed the children playing in his garden. Then he made up his mind to make a big wall so that they could not enter the garden.

Ultimately he made a big wall. As a result, the children coming near the garden could not enter into it. In the meantime, the garden had been flowerless and grass less. It was losing its beauty gradually. The selfish giant and thought himself of the matter. At this he got into a great tension and tried to find out the real cause behind it.

At last, he realized his mistakes and said to himself that the children were the great blessings of the garden. He called the children, made a good relationship with them and loved them from his core of heart. He allowed them to enter the garden and play again. Then the garden started to get back- its beauty slowly. And eventually, it became the same as like as it was before. Thus, the selfish giant gained self-knowledge and self-realization through his mistakes.

The selfish giant moral of the story :

The moral of the selfish giant story is that sharing creates happiness and when you show kindness to even the smallest and weakest of people, you are preserving something  sacred.

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