Honesty Pays story in English

Honesty pays story in english
Honesty pays story in english

Honesty pays story in English : Once there lived a poor farmer. He had to maintain his family consisting of seven members with a great difficulty. He always thought of additional income for the maintenance of his family. One day while walking through the fields, he found a purse of gold dropped by a passer-by. He carried it home and showed it to his wife. His wife advised him to use it or at least a part of it for themselves. the worthy / honest farmer told his wife that honesty is the best policy and that he would first try to find out the person who had lost the purse. At last the farmer found out the owner of the purse. He was the zaminder of that area. He went to him and gave him the purse.

The rich man gave him thanks but no reward. The farmer’s wife rebuked the farmer for his foolishness . The farmer did not change his stand and kept saying, “Honesty is the best policy.” A few months passed. Then, one day the zamindar whose money he had returned called for the farmer. In response, the farmer went to the zaminder’s house and the zaminder entertained highly. Then he gave the farmer a handsome reward and appointed him overseer of his lands. The farmer was very glad and hurried back home to tell his wife and child that his honesty had been rewarded. His wife was at last convinced that honesty is the best policy.

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