science in everyday life composition in English

science in everyday life composition
science in everyday life composition

science in everyday life composition : Now we live in the age of science. Wherever we cast Our eyes, we can see the blessings of science. It has made our life very easy, comfortable and enjoyable. We cannot think of our life without the blessings of science. from dawn to mid-night we feel the value of science in our everyday life.

Science in house : Science plays an important role in our house hold activities. Everything used in the house is the blessing of science. .Tooth brushes, toothpastes, mirrors, combs, pens, clothes, papers, shoes, utensils etc. are the blessings of science. Electric fans and air-conditioners have made us happy at home.
In recreation : Science has invented many wonderful things for our enjoyment. We use the radio, television, tape recorder, V.C.R, gramophone etc. for recreation at home. They help us to forget our sorrows and pains of life and remove monotony of day’s hard labour.
In communication : Science also plays an important role in communication. Telephone, telegram, telex, fax, wireless, mobile, etc. are the most useful blessings of science. We can send or receive news and messages from any part of the world within a second by using the useful inventions of modern science. Science has conquered distance and time wonderfully.

In medical science : Science has lessened human sufferings and saved human life. Penicillin, X-ray, Ultra-sonography, E.C.G, radio-therapy etc. are the blessings of science in the field of medical science. Science has given eyes to the blind and hearing to the deaf, voice to the dumb and legs to the lame. It has also lessened the death rate of population.
In transport : Science is also a great blessing in transportation. We can travel hundreds of miles within a short time by cars, buses, trains, steamers, aeroplanes and rocket. Man has already landed on the moon by rocket. So science has made our journey very easy, comfortable and quick. It has wonderfully conquered distance and time.
In agriculture : Science has brought about a radical change in our agriculture. Tractors, power-pumps, power-tillers, deep tube-wells, chemical fertilizers and insect powders are the great blessings of science. By using them, our farmers can grow better and bumper crops.

In education : Science is another great blessing in education. Paper Mills, pen factories and printing presses have made civilization richer. Thousands of-books, newspapers, magazines etc. are being printed everyday which help education spreading rapidly. By reading them, we can enrich our kingdom of knowledge. Now computer works in spreading education too. In sports and games : Many important devices like camera, electric bulbs, computer etc. are widely used in sports and games. Cricket, an international game is quite impossible without computer. So science is a great blessing in the field of games and Sports too.

In rural area/life : The rural life is also impossible without the blessings of science. Bicycle, rickshaws, motor-cycles etc. carry village people to their working places. Torches give them light at night. Electricity and motor vehicles have made rural life very easy, comfortable, happy, cheerful and enjoyable.
Bad effect/ curse : Sometimes the inventions of science bring us great curse instead of blessing. The smoke from cars, buses, mills and factories pollutes air seriously which is very harmful to health. In war time, deadly weapons kill thousands of valuable lives and destroy cities and villages.

Conclusion : Though the inventions of science have some demerits, it has a lot of merits and importance in our life. The value of science is very great in our everyday life. In order to make our life more enjoyable, the gifts of science should be utilized carefully.

science in everyday life composition 2:

science in everyday life composition: We live in the age of science and enjoy all the fruits of science. Science has been a wonderful boon to humanity. It is like the Aladin’s Lamp. Like it science has created wonders. By now science has changed the face of the world. Man has established his supremacy over nature with the help of science. From the early morning to the late hours at night we always feel the impact of science in our everyday life.

Beginning of Science : In the primitive age men lived in caves. They lived life like animals. But with the passage of time reason developed in them. They learned to make discoveries and inventions. Since then the progress of the civilization started.

Some gifts of modern science : Modern science has made every-day life easy and comfortable. Electricity, telephone, radio and television, communication, motor vehicles, wireless, aeroplane, computer and medical instruments are all achievements of science. To some extent it can even change the course of nature. It can change the desert into fertile land. We get many other fashionable goods because of the gifts of science.

Electricity : Electricity is one of the wonders of modern science. It has changed our total life. It can change the night into day. It drives cars, trams and supplies power to mills and factories etc. It provides many types of amenities of life.

Wireless, Telephone and Television : Telephone, radio and television are some other wonders of modern science. Telephone sends out messages from one place to another with the help of electric waves. By means of radio we can hear the voice of a speaker from any part of the world. In a television we can even see the pictures of the speaker. By television and satellite we can see picture from any part of the world .

in the field of communication : Modern communication system is fully depends On science. Once man traveled on foot. It was very difficult. But with the advancement of science man has over come these difficulties. The train, the bus, the steamer and lunch. the car and the aeroplane carry us from one place to another with ease and comfort. Space travel is one of the most important achievements of science. Man has already landed on the moon and some other planets.

computer and calculations : Modern age is the age of computer. It has brought a great change in the modern world But it has already occupied a very important place in the daily life. Now a days the advancement of country is measured by the use of the computer. This technology is used in almost every sphere of practical life. Calculator is very important small instrument to calculate our daily sheet..

In agriculture : Science has helped in the development of agriculture too. It can turn desert into fertile fields. It has helped us to increase the fertility of soil. It can improve the quality of seeds. It is being used to destroy insects and pests. It prepares good manure; Synthetic food and clothes are made cheaply. It has gradually reduced our dependence on nature.
In medical science : Medical science is one of the greatest achievements of modern science. Today ultra-violet ray, penicillin, X-ray, electric diagram, biopsy , E.C.G and ultra sonogram etc have brought a new era in medical science. medical scientists have become successful in transplantation of some of the inner bodily organs. It has been able to save millions of lives.

In education : The printing press has made civilization richer by printing books and supplying cheap books to all. Thousands of books, magazines, newspapers are being printed every moment. Without printing press the spreading of knowledge would almost be impossible.

Other inventions : The radar is another wonderful invention. It gives signal about weather forecast and warns the countrymen about the enemy planes. Nuclear energy is another invention of science. It can be used in favour of mankind and disfavour of mankind. Atom and hydrozen boms are invented with the nuclear energy. Mills, factories are the symbol of scientific achievement.
Conclusion : Science has been a great blessing to culture. The modern civilization is the product of science. It has driven out superstitions. The service of science to mankind is like giving eyesight to the blind, power of hearing to the deaf, power of movement to the lame and life to the dead. We should also make sure of the proper use of science for the welfare of humanity.


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