Terrorism essay with remember able Points

Terrorism essay : Today the world is shattered with a number of problems. But among these, the most acute one is terrorism. Terrorism has become one of the most emotive and controversial issues of the present world. As it has become a serious threat to the peace-loving community, all the nations are striving to investigate the probable causes and the possible responses to suppress it.

Concept of terrorism: The modern English term Terrorism was first used in 1795 during the French Revolution. ‘Terrorism’ is a controversial term with no internationally agreed single definition. The most common concept of terrorism includes those acts which are intended to create fear or terror. In the modern sense, it is violence against civilians to achieve political or ideological objectives by creating fear. According to Wikipedia the elements of terrorism are as follows:
i) There must be violence.
ii) It must have a psychological impact and fear.
iii) It must be perpetrated for a goal.
iv) It should be directed against the civilians; and
v) The act should be unlawful or illegitimate.

Causes of terrorism: Many opinions exist about the causes of terrorism, they range from demographic to socio-economic factors. The causes behind terrorism may be summarised as follows-—
(i) Demographic factors: These include high population growth rate of a country as well as various types of land tenure problems.
(ii) Socio-economic factors: Socio-economic factors include poverty, unemployment, lagging economies etc. These factors often lead many people to frustration. Consequently they get involved in various types of terrorist activities. Ethnic conflict and religious conflict are also responsible for the rise of terrorism in the current world.
(iii) political factors : It may include political instabilities , extremism and ideological conflict. Sometimes, double standard of major powers also gives rise to the growth of international terrorism.
(iv) Other factors : Apart from these, there are some other factors which contribute to the expansion of terrorism. For example, counter-terrorism. This is the case when a terrorist act is done with a view to taking revenge.

Forms of Terrorism : Terrorist activities are accomplished in a number of ways. Amongst these, the most common forms are-Bombing, hostage and kidnapping armed attack, hijacking of airlines etc.

Effect of Terrorism: Nowadays, terrorism has posed a great threat to humanity. The whole world is suffering from uncertainty, anarchy and disorder due to terrorism. The common masses are becoming the victims to different terrorist attacks. Besides there are a number of examples where the mightier states are getting licence to attack on weaker states in the name or counter-terrorism.

Terrorism around the world: Terrorism has crippled. the easy and peaceful atmosphere of many parts of the world. The Twin Tower tragedy, the heart rendering condition of the Palestinians, the bloodied fields of Afghanistan, Kashmir etc. are some glowing examples of the severity of terrorism around the world.

Terrorism in Bangladesh: The ill shadow of terrorism has been inflicted upon Bangladesh too. It has turned into a national crisis. Political instabilities, Oppression of the opposition, unemployment, attitude towards the minorities and finally emergence of some extremist groups have led to the rise of terrorism in Bangladesh. Our gravity is being spoiled before the international community because of terrorism.

Prevention of Terrorism: Terrorism has become a burning issue at the international level. In order to combat terrorism, the States must take up some initiatives. These may be stated as follows –
-Targeted laws should be framed.
-Police power should be enhanced.
-Intelligence and secret service measures should be increased.
-The states must ensure good governance, rule of law and social justice within their own territories.
-The states must refrain themselves from attacking other states for mere revenge.
-International criminal court and other international tribunals should be provided with effective powers to address the issue.

Conclusion: Terrorism is a menace, a curse and a crime against humanity. It is high time all the nations in the world undertook collective measures to suppress terrorism. Only then, we will be able to dream of a peaceful world, a terrorism-free world.

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