Dialogue about the merits and demerits of using mobile phone

A dialogue between Anis (myself) and Antu (my friend) about merits and demerits of using mobile phone.

Anis : Oh, Antu, what a marvellous ring tone you’ve set in your mobile phone!
Antu : Thanks. Mobile phone is, indeed, a great source of entertainment .
Anis : I also think so. But only entertainment? Nothing else?

Antu : Of course. Mobile phone is second to none as an easy, cheap and speedy mode of communication.
Anis : Anything else?
Antu : Moreover, messaging and interne system have been included in it.

Anis : I appreciate your opinion. But don’t you find any demerits of this modern device ? Antu : Yes, indeed. Experts say that this is harmful for our hearing and brain.

Anis : Anything else?
Antu : Besides, they strictly warn the use of mobile phone for the children.
Anis : Then what would you say finally?
Antu : Despite some demerits, we cannot but use mobile phone in modern times. All that I can say is to use it with much care and only as a necessity. What do you think?

Anis : I’ve also the some view. Actually, it’s merits are much more than its demerits. But we mustn’t neglect its demerits.
Antu : Right you are. If we are careless about the demerits, we’ll have to suffer from various problems.

Anis : I agree with you. Thank you very much. Antu : Thank you, too.

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