2 Physical exercise composition for all class students

Physical exercise composition in English
Physical exercise composition

Physical exercise composition in 200 words : The term”physical exercise” means the movement of different parts of the body regularly. It preserve and improves our health.
Physical exercise is for everybody. We should bear in mind that progress of life of a man depends upon his health. Physical exercise is the best way to preserve health. There are various kinds of physical exercise. Walking, racing, boxing, swimming, riding, wrestling, gymnastics, etc are also good forms of physical exercise. Besides, football, cricket, hockey, tennis, badminton; ha-du-du, kabadi, etc are good forms of physical exercise.

All kinds of exercise do not suit for all seasons of the year. All are not suitable for men of all ages. Those who are strong in body can take all forms of exercise. But those Who are weak in body cannot take all kinds .of exercise. Morning and evening are the best time to take physical exercise. For the soundness of health physical exercise is necessary. For proper digestion of food and circulation of blood it is necessary to take physical exercise. Physical exercise makes us strong and active and keeps us free from diseases.

So everybody should take regular physical exercise. Those who neglect physical exercise are attacked by various diseases often. An unhealthy man suffers throughout his whole life and dies an unhappy death. Life is a teasing burden to him. Regular physical exercise helps a person to stand against diseases. If we want to keep our body and mind fit, fresh and healthy, we should take regular physical exercise.

Physical exercise composition in 250 words:

Physical exercise means the regular movement of the different limbs (organs) of our body according to certain rules. Without physical exercise none can enjoy sound health as well as a happy and long life. It makes a man cheerful, strong and active and keeps him free from diseases. Human body is like a machine or an engine. A machine or an engine gets rust for want of regular service or use. in the same way we can not maintain our health without regular physical exercise.

Types : There are different forms of physical exercise. the good forms of exercises are walking, swimming, running, riding, rowing, racing, wrestling, and playing many outdoor and indoor games. Different kinds of outdoor and indoor games like football, volley ball, hand ball, hockey, cricket, badminton, tennis etc are also good forms of exercises. All forms of exercises are not fit for all ages. Only walking is good for the old, the sick and the weak.

Time of exercise : Morning and evening are the best time of taking physical exercise. We should take an exercise in the open air. We should not take exercise in empty stomach or just after taking meal. But over exercise is harmful to health. so a person should take exercise at the right time.

Value : The value of physical exercise is very great. There is a common saying ‘Health is wealth.’ A sound health is the key to success and happiness of life. And physical exercise is the pre-condition of good health. It builds our body strong and active. It helps us to digest food properly. It gives us sound sleep. It keeps us free from diseases. It makes us cheerful. It removes the monotony of studies and Works . It ensures our happier, easier and longer life.

Important for the students : Physical exercise is very important for students. They do hard mental work. So they need sound body and sound mind which depends on regular exercise. A student having good health can do well in examination . Again, a bright student having no sound health can not do better result in the examination. So, physical exercise is the pre-condition of making a good result in the examination.

Neglecting of physical exercise : Neglecting physical exercise is very harmful to health. None finds joy, interest or comfort in life without taking physical exercise regularly. Many students sit down closely to their books and refuse to take physical exercise. They easily fall victims to many diseases and become sick and can’t prosper in life.

Conclusion : Health is wealth. It is the root of all success and happiness. Physical exercise helps to achieve this invaluable/priceless wealth. All the rich nations of the world like the Japanese, the Chinese, the Germans, the Singaporeans etc take exercise regularly. So, in order to face the battle of life successfully, we should take physical exercise regularly.

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