A Book fair I visited composition

A book fair I visited composition
A book fair I visited composition

A book fair I visited composition : A book fair is an attractive fair where different types of books are displayed for publicity and sale. Nowadays it has become very popular in our country. The two main book fairs held in our country are the Ekushey Boi Mela and the Dhaka Boi Mela. Other small scale book fairs are also held in some other occasions including the Pahela Baishakh.

Importance of book fair: Books are the store-house of knowledge. We can learn about the past and present from books. Book fair encourages us to buy books and this helps to enlarge our wisdom. It raises our passion for literature and culture.

My visit to a book fair : I was very lucky to visit the Ekushey Boi Mela this year. It was held in the premise of Bangla Academy. When I entered the main gate of the fair, I found a different environment. It was clear to me that a book fair is a world in itself and it is different from other fairs. I came to know from the authority that the fair had started on 1st February and was to last for a month.

My experience in the fair : I found that a huge number of books on varied interests were available in a book fair. Men, women and children of all classes gathered in the fair. The stalls were occupied by different publishers. In the evening many poets, novelists and writers came to visit the fair. There was a crowd of people who were busy in selling and buying. Mainly the young boys and girls gathered in the fair to collect their liking books. From a book stall, I bought some of my favourite books.

Other attractions of the fair : It was my first experience of visiting a book fair. I thought that only books are sold in a book fair. But my conception changed when I visited the fair. Besides books, other articles like cassettes of songs and recitations , calendars, posters, painting pictures, snacks and tiny items of daily necessaries are also sold in a book fair. I found that seminars and cultural programmes are also held in a book fair. I was very delighted to enjoy a staged drama based on the language movement of 1952. After visiting the fair, I started for home in the late evening.

Conclusion : Really I gathered some new experiences from the book fair. The memory of the fair is still fresh in my mind. It increases people’s interest in buying books as well as enhances national consensus .

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