A friend in need is a Friend indeed story

A friend in need is a Friend indeed story
A friend in need is a Friend indeed story

A friend in need is a Friend indeed story : There lived two bosom friends in a certain village. They were very fond of travelling . They liked to enjoy the natures, to see green trees, blue seas and to hear the songs of birds. One day they went to a forest for travelling. They were walking along with the path of the forest. The sights and sounds of the forest kept them spell bound. They even did not notice that they had entered into the deep forest. Suddenly they found to their horror that they had lost their way. At that time, a terrible incident happened. They saw a bear coming towards them.

So, both of them were afraid and at a loss what to do. One of the friends knew how to climb up a tree. So he climbed up a nearby tree promptly . The other friend didn’t know how to climb up a tree. So he lay down on the grass and acted as he was dead. The bear came near the lying friend, smelt the body and thought it to be a deadbody. As the bear does not eat a deadbody, he went away. Then the first friend got down from the tree and asked his friend. “What did the bear whisper to you?” In reply the second friend said that the bear gave him a good advice. The bear said “Never believe a friend who leaves you in danger.” At this, the first friend was ashamed and went away without saying anything.

A friend in need is a friend indeed story 2:

Once there lived two boys in a country who were very bosom friends. They were so close to each other that they used to move together and stay together. Once they went on a tour. On the way they had to cross a dangerous jungle to reach their destination. So the two friends were passing through the thick jungle. When night fell, one of them said to the other, Friend, I am told that a fierce bear lives in this jungle. What should you do if the bear attacks us?” Another friend said, “We’ll not bother it. We will fight together and kill the bear.” Both of them felt very happy and courageous.

However, they had not gone far through the jungle when a huge bear rushed out of the woods and ran towards them. Then the fatter at once took to his heels and got up on a tree. He did not think of his another friend. But his poor friend did not know how to climb a tree. He was at a loss. He did not know what to do.

Suddenly he remembered one thing that a bear does not eat a dead man. Finding no other way, he fell flat on the ground and lay quite still and pretended to be a dead man. The bear came close to him and felt his face with its snout. But as the man held his breath and lay quite still, the bear took him for a dead man and went away. Fortunately the poor man escaped the attack of the bear. The other friend on the tree saw everything and was sure that the bear would kill the man.

He was surprised that his friend was saved miraculously. Now the man on the tree got down and said to his friend with a smile, “What did the bear whisper to you when it put its snout close to your ear”? He replied that a self centered man can never be a good friend and never trust a selfish man.

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