A journey by boat composition for all class students

A journey by boat composition
A journey by boat composition

A journey by boat composition : A successful and happy life can’t be imagined without making any journey during holidays.Therefore, with a view to making life successful and fruitful one should make any journey during one’s holidays. A Journey means to go from one place to another alone or with a group. A journey by boat means to go from one place to another by boat. Bangladesh is a land of rivers, canals, haors and beels. So,it is very easy, cheap and comfortable to make a journey by boat in our country. It is very enjoyable.

Time and occasion: It was the month ‘Ashar’. Our examination was over.Our college was closed.The rainy season had just set in. My father asked me to go to my uncle’s house which is about 20 km.away from our house. The house is on the other side of the Padma. So, I got a chance to make a journey by boat. Three friends joined me.

Description: We hired a small beautiful boat.It had two able-bodied boatmen who were very jolly-minded and cheerful. We started from our river ghat in the morning at 7 am on December 20,2019. The sky was clear and the weather was fine. The river was calm. At first the boatmen started rowing. Next they set sail. The boatmen began to sing “Bhatiali” songs.The songs charmed me very much.

Scene: I enjoyed the scenery on the either banks of the river.Our boat was dancing with small waves.We saw hundreds of boats plying up and down in the river. We saw many boys and girls bathing and swimming in the river. we saw many fishermen fishing in the deep river and the farmers harvesting in the paddy fields. We also found many boats, steamers and launches plying across the river.

Destination: We reached my uncle’s house at 2 p.m. Uncle, aunt and cousins gladly received us. We had a rich lunch there.

Evening scene : After taking a rest, we started for our house again at 4 p.m. when we reached near our river ghat, the sun was setting.The water of the river also turned red. Really,the scenery was very charming.It was dark when we reached home.

Conclusion:A journey by boat is really very enjoyable.It removes the monotony of works and studies. I achieved/gained new experience and new knowledge.I shall never forget this happy journey in my life. So,every student or every person should make a journey by boat once a year on holidays.

A Journey By Boat Composition 2 :

Composition on A Journey By Boat : There are different sorts of journey in our country. I like most a journey by boat. No other journey can be more enjoyable than a journey by boat. Whoever looks for rest and delight should make a journey by boat.

Time and occasion: During the last Autumn vacation my father asked me to go to my sister’s house at Daudkandi, 20 miles away from our house. So,I got a chance to make a journey by boat.Two other friends joined me.

Description of the journey: We hired a fine boat. We started our journey from Homna ghat at 10 a.m. There were two boatmen.The sky was clear.The river was calm and full to the brim . At first the boatmen plied the boat with oars. When the wind was favourable,they set sail. Soon the boat began to move fast. There were small waves in the river. The boat began to dance with the waves. The boatmen were singing. It was a ‘Bhatiali’ song. It filled us with joy.

Scenery enjoyed: We enjoyed the scenery of the river. We saw many boats big and small plying up and down. We saw some steamers and motor lunches plying through the river. Fishermen were catching fish in the river. Boys and girls were swimming. Women were going home with jars filled with water. There were fields on both sides of the river. Cattle were grazing there.

Exciting moments: Rough weather makes a journey by boat risky. Strong winds and storms often prove dangerous. I saw a terrible sight of the river. when I was crossing by boat. Within a short time, a storm rose and the river turned violent. There were huge waves and a strong wind. The boat was about to capsize. I got nervous. But the experienced boatmen stopped and tied the boat with strong ropes to a post. However, the
storm was over within a short time and we started again. Still I cannot but thank the skill of the boatmen.

Destination: At about 4 p.m.we reached the ghat of my sister’s house. My sister was very glad to see us. She received us cordially. Thus our journey came to an end.

Conclusion: It is one of the most memorable journeys in my life.There was a lot of pleasure as well as a horrible experience of a storm in the journey. Both the positive and negative aspects of the journey got impressed on my mind forever.


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