A letter to your father about your hostel life

A letter about your hostel life: Write A letter to your father / Mother about your hostel life.

A letter to your father about your hostel life
A letter to your father about your hostel life

Ideal College Hostel,
Dhaka -1100
January 01, 2008

My dear Father / mother,
I received your kind letter this morning. Thanks a lot for this. Hope you are very well. I am also very fine. you have wanted to know about my hostel life. Now I am telling you in a few lines about my hostel life.
I reside our college hostel. I enjoy almost all facilities in our modern college hostel. It faces to the south. It is well-airy and well lighted. The design of the hostel is very spectacular. I have to abide by some strict rules which help me to lead a disciplined and planned life. We have to get up at dawn. We take breakfast, lunch and supper in time. We eat rice, fish, eggs, meat, dal, vegetables, khichuri, fruits etc. here. We swim in our college hostel pond. We play in our college playground every afternoon. There is a separate reading room for each student. Our hostel superintendent is our Bangla teacher. He is a very nice man. He loves us as his own children. We always maintain the discipline and the rules of the hostel and try to keep it neat and clean. Really, we are proud of our college hostel. Don’t worry for me. i am quite well. With my best regards to you and mother/ father.
your loving daughter,

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