A Village Doctor Composition For all class

A Village Doctor Composition
A Village Doctor Composition

A Village Doctor Composition : Every society has the people of various important professions. In our society there are also various professional people. A village doctor is a very useful and important person of them. A village doctor is a person who treats the villagers. He lives in a village. He is a very well-known person to every man and every woman in the village. He is quite familiar to the villagers. He has a great demand in a village because there is no qualified doctor except him.

His qualifications : A village doctor is usually a quack. Generally he is not well qualified. Most village doctors don’t have proper education in any school or college. He usually works with a qualified doctor for a few years and gains some knowledge and experience about the treatment of patients. Then he comes back his native village and sets up a dispensary.
His dispensary : He opens his dispensary either in his house or in a village market. His dispensary generally is very poor. It has a table and a chair for himself and one or two benches for the patients. There are one or two almirahs with a few phials of medicines in his dispensary. But it is a very important place to the villagers.

His works/Duty : A village doctor leads a very busy life. He gets up at dawn, takes his breakfast and gets ready for his daily works. He is very honest and dutiful. He deals with his patients well. He sometimes takes only the cost of medicines. He demands no fees to the patients. Sometimes he attends a patient at dead of night to a distant place. He has to walk miles to miles a day. So he is very popular to the villagers.
His position in the society : A village doctor is a very useful and important man in a village. The villagers love and respect him very dearly for his kind dealings.: They always seek his advice. Thus, he holds high position in the village.
Conclusion : A village doctor may be poor in knowledge . but his sense of duties towards a patient is very strong. He is a good friend to the poor villagers. He never renders a good service to the villagers. But he leads a poor life indeed.

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