An Honest wood cutter story for Class 10/Ssc/ Hsc

An Honest wood cutter story: There lived a wood cutter in a village. One day he was cutting wood in a jungle. There was a river nearby. There was strong current in the river. Suddenly his axe fell into the river. The wood cutter did not know how to swim or dive. So, he was sitting there with a heavy heart. He was very poor and he had nouhe money to buy another axe. The axe was his only means of earning livelihood for himself and his family. Without the axe how would he support his family? He would not be able to cut wood in the forest
and they all would have to starve. Thinking all these, he got very depressed and was blaming his lot.

Suddenly, he heard a voice and saw a fairy before him. The fairy asked him why he was crying. He told her everything. The fairy took pity on him. She dived into the river and came back with a golden axe. She asked the wood cutter if it was his axe. The wood cutter replied in the negative. She then again went into the water and returned with a silver one. This time also the wood-cutter refused to take it. Besides, the fear of not getting back his axe began to take a firm position in his mind. He was a little bit disheartened since the fairy also failed to find out his axe. However, the fairy noticed the pensive mood of the wood cutter and dived into the river with a smile in her face.

Finally, she brought the axe of the wood cutter from the water. The wood cutter was delighted to get back his iron axe. The fairy became very pleased with the honesty and simplicity of the wood cutter and gave him the two valuable axes as reward. Honesty is thus always rewarded.

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