Birds of Bangladesh Composition in English

Birds of Bangladesh Composition
Birds of Bangladesh Composition

Birds of Bangladesh Composition: Birds are warm-blooded, egg-laying, vertebrate animals of class Ave’s. Their bodies are covered with feathers and their forelimbs are modified into wings. There are many birds in Bangladesh. Nature is so favourable here that even birds of far lands visit this country especially during winter.

Bird population of Bangladesh : There are approximately 9,000 species of birds in the world. But Bangladesh has only 628 species of birds of which 388 are resident and 240 are migratory . But it is shocking to note that our bird population is shrinking everyday. Today 41 species are threatened in Bangladesh, of which 19 are critically endangered , 18 are endangered and 4 are vulnerable .

Resident birds of Bangladesh : Resident birds of Bangladesh may be classified into three main classes-cage birds, game birds and birds of prey.
Cage birds : Birds that have been traditionally kept in the cages and are successfully bred in captivity are called cage birds. Popular cage birds found in Bangladesh are canary, Munia, Red Munia, Java Sparrow, Gold Finch, Green Finch, Blue Finch etc.
Game birds : We catch and kill some birds for their tasty flesh or for some other reasons. These are called game birds. Common game birds in Bangladesh are Red Jungle Foist (Banmurog), Francolins (Titir), Dove, Pigeon, Snipe, Heron, Teal (Balihansh) etc.
Birds of prey : Birds that hunt and kill other animals for food are called birds of prey. Bangladesh has 68 species of birds of prey. They have strong hooked beaks and long, sharp, curving toes. Eagle, Quzzard, Falcon, Kite Vulture, Owls are such kind of birds.
Migratory birds of Bangladesh : Birds that visit Bangladesh territory periodically , specially in winter, are migratory birds of Bangladesh. Most of our migratory birds migrate to Bangladesh from the Himalayas and northern Asia. But there are some migrants from Siberia also. Among 240 species of our migratory birds, 31 are birds of prey. Common migratory birds are Hawks, Swallows, Shrikes, Loons, Geese and many waders.

Some other common birds : There are some other common birds which deserve special mention. Cuckoo, Doel, Bou-katha-kao etc. are popular song birds. Tuntuni, Babui etc. are tailor birds. Besides, Chandana, Finge, Khanjana, Kingfisher; Wood-pecker etc. are some common birds of Bangladesh with eye-catching beauty. However, that most common bird of Bangladesh is the Crow which is called the scavenger of our environment.
Conclusion : Birds add to the beauty of nature. They also play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance. But we are cruelly destroying their feeding, breeding and nesting places. Thus, we are destroying our feathered friends and endangering our existence . So, we should take concerted efforts to save our bird population.

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