Compulsory primary education In Bangladesh composition

Compulsory primary education in Bangladesh composition / Education For All Composition : Bangladesh is an independent country. Every citizen has got right of equality regarding in all aspects of their lives. The modern world of science and commerce demands that every citizen should be able to take an intelligent and informed interest in what is going on all around. Primary education is the minimum training that creates the proper conditions for this.

Compulsory primary education In Bangladesh composition
Compulsory primary education In Bangladesh composition

What it means : Primary education is the education that a child receives in a primary school. Compulsory primary education means that the children between ages six to ten must complete the primary education.
Its aims : Compulsory primary education means education for all. Its aim is to ensure education to all- rich and poor.

Its importance : Education is the backbone of a nation. A nation can not make progress if a large section of her people remains illiterate. Illiteracy is a curse. It frustrates all development works of a country. The primary education can solve this problem .

Primary education in Bangladesh : Bangladesh is very backward in the field of literacy. There are about 44,000 primary schools here. About 8 million children study in these schools. But all children do not go to school. Few of the children leave their school very early. So, the Government has made primary education compulsory.

Steps taken by Govt. : The Government of Bangladesh has undertaken some steps to wipe out illiteracy. It has already set up more primary schools, appointed more teachers, established more training institutions and launched ‘Food for Education’ program.

Measures for development : Illiteracy has become a dreadful problem in our life. To remove, the problem, children above five years old should be sent to schools. Free books, educational materials should be supplied to the children of the poor families. Teachers should be generous and sympathetic to the infants. illiterate guardians should be taught the necessity and value of learning.

Conclusion : Primary education is the foundation of basic education. Without giving basic education to our children, We can not hope to be an educated nation. So, everybody should send their children to primary schools.

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