Corruption In Bangladesh Composition in English

Corruption In Bangladesh Composition
Corruption In Bangladesh Composition

Corruption In Bangladesh Composition: corruption means adopting unfair means to achieve something being devoid of monthly and by defying the rules and regulations of a country. World Bank and Transparency International define it as “the misuse of public office for private gain.” At present, corruption has become one of the most alarming problems in Bangladesh. According to the Transparency International Report-2019, Bangladesh is the fourteenth most corrupted country in the world.

Causes behind corruption : There are a number of causes behind corruption. Unemployment problem, lack of good governance , lack of morality, inadequacy of salary, political instabilities etc. are some of them. All consuming poverty and low standard of life also contribute to the increase of corruption. Thousands of people in Bangladesh have been suffering from unemployment. They have no work and no means to afford their livelihood. So, they get involved in corruption. On the other hand, ambition for power and money tempts many people to pile up wealth this or that way. This tendency gives rise to corruption in the society.
Corruption and Bangladesh : In Bangladesh, corruption has engulfed the administrative, economic, political and also social sectors. In a word, there is not a single sector in Bangladesh where corruption has not enlarged its paw . Law enforcing agencies are the most corrupted departments in Bangladesh according to the TIB report. Other severely corrupted sectors are education, health care, tax, customs, investment etc.

Forms of corruption in Bangladesh : The most usual form of corruption is bribery . There are other forms of corruption too, such as unequal distribution of government funds, sharing of relief by the officials, nepotism in public services etc. However, the corrupted people in Bangladesh have turned the forms of corruption into almost an art form. They have been so much skillful in this regard that even the newly formed free and fair Anti Corruption Commission does not seem to be very effective .
Effects of corruption : Corruption lames a nation. The country gets an undignified introduction worldwide. It minimizes the chances for foreign investments . It hampers economic development and is responsible for economic uncertainty and insecurity of the greater part of society. It also creates social chaos and gives rise to social crimes. Besides, corruption turns a state into an institution of fulfilling personal or party interest. Moreover, intrusion of foreign and negative culture is caused due to corruption. In a word, corruption has nowadays turned into an impediment to the overall development of our country.

What to do to prevent corruption : Therefore, it is time for us to halt and prevent corruption. Anti-Corruption Commission has already been formed to prevent corruption. Besides, it is necessary to upgrade the morality and human values of the people. Religious leaders, teachers and parents can play an effective role in this regard. Media can also take a strong stand against corruption. In addition, good governance, increase of job facilities and strict enforcement of legal rules can ensure prevention of corruption. Finally, we must create .awareness amongest people against corruption.

Conclusion: It is corruption Which has hampered the development of our country . Therefore all of us must raise a campaign to combat bribery and corruption for a better and corruption free Bangladesh.

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