Dialogue between two friends about Food adulteration

A Dialogue between two friends about Food adulteration.

Dialogue between two friends about Food adulteration
Dialogue between two friends about Food adulteration

Ruha : Hello Dina, What’re you doing?
Dina : Oh, I’m reading a newspaper article on food adulteration.
Ruha : It’s a great problem in our country. What does the article say about this?
Dina : Well, according to the article, nowadays the unscrupulous traders make huge profit by food adulteration.
Ruha : That’s nothing but a malpractice. However, what’re the consequences of this malpractice?
Dina : Adulterated foods are seriously harmful for health. They can cause fatal diseases like cancer, kidney failure etc.
Ruha : Then food adulteration must be stopped. .
Dina : Right you are. Do you have any idea how this malpractice can be stopped?
Ruha : I think, only the govt. agencies can play an effective role in this regard.
Dina : I don’t thinks so. Obviously the govt bears the responsibility to curb it. But govt alone cannot do it.
Ruha : Then, you think, we all should come forward?
Dina : Exactly. All the conscious people including the dishonest traders should be aware of the harmful effects of adulterated foods.
Ruha : And what’ll the govt. do?
Dina : The govt. should take stern action against the traders and businessmen who adulterate foods. At the same time, awareness raising programmes should be launched through mass media. .
Ruha : I agree with you.
Dina : Thank you very much.
Ruha : Thank you , too.

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