Dialogue about the failure in English and solution of the problem

A dialogue between Kamal and Jamal about the causes of failure in English and solution to it:

Kamal : Jamal, are you busy now?
Jamal : No, not at all. But why?
Kamal : I’d like to talk about the causes of failure in English and solution to the problem.
Jamal : Well, I’m ready. Please go on.

Kamal : Nowadays a lot of students fail in English in the public examinations of our country. There’re some obvious reasons behind this failure.
Jamal : What you think, are the reasons?

Kamal : Defective syllabus and testing method, lack of skilled and trained teachers and above all faulty method of teaching English as a foreign language are some of the main reasons.

Jamal : You’re quite right. But our text books are not well-designed and our exam. questions don’t follow the communicative approach of English. Besides, most of our English teachers are not well-trained and thus unskilled.

Kamal : I agree with you, you know that our classroom situations don’t reflect a congenial atmosphere for teaching a foreign language.

Jamal : Yea, all these create among the students a scary outlook towards the language. , This ultimately results in a tremendous failure in English.

Kamal : What do you think about its solution?
Jamal : Well, I think to solve this problem, the Govt. must ensure well-designed English text books for the students.

Jamal : Necessary training of the English teachers should also be arranged. Above all, the teachers should try their level best to make their lessons interesting.

Kamal : I agree with you. But I think the teachers should also engage students in different language learning activities. Only then we can hope for a better future in this regard.

Jamal : You’re quite right. Thank you very much for your valuable discusgion.
Kamal : You’re most welcome.

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