Dialogue between two friends about air pollution

Dialogue about air pollution
Dialogue about air pollution

Dialogue about air pollution : A dialogue between two friends about air pollution.

Myself : Good morning. Saimya, how are you?
Saimya : Good morning, dear friend, I am fine and you?
Myself : I am also fine. Why do you look very gloomy and unhappy now?
Saimya : Yes, I am very unhappy because many people of our city are suffering from, cough and various respiratory diseases.
Myself : I think air pollution is mainly responsible for this.
Saimya : Yes, you are right. Fresh air is very essential to health but polluted air is very harmful to life.
Myself : Can you please tell me the causes of air pollution?
Saimya : Mills, factories, industries, brick fields and rail engines emit huge black smoke which pollutes air seriously. Besides, power houses and motor cars also belch a lot of smoke which pollutes air wonderfully.
Myself : How can we get rid of this alarming pollution?
Saimya : Lead free oil should be used in cars, mills, factories and industries must be shifted outside of the towns and cities.
Myself : Is there any other way of lessening air pollution?
Saimya : Of course. Civic awareness must be raised about the curse of air pollution.
Myself : It is high time we started a strong campaign against air pollution. No more today. Good bye!
Saimya : You are most welcome. Good bye!

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