Dialogue between two friends about Eve teasing

Write a dialogue between two friends about Eve-teasing.
or, Write a dialogue between two friends on ‘Eve-teasing’ highlighting its Causes effects and possible solutions.

dialogue between two friends about Eve teasing
dialogue between two friends about Eve teasing

Ans: A dialogue between two friends, Abir (myself) and Amit (my friend) about ‘Eve-teasing’.
Abir : Hello Amit, how’re you?
Amit : Oh, I’m not OK, actually. I’m worried about the incidents of eve-teasing around the country.
Abir : Yes, it’s the most talked topic in the country. But what the term actually refers to?
Amit : It’s actually a euphemism for sexual harassment or street harassment of women by men.
Abir : What’re the reasons behind eve-teasing?
Amit : Moral degradation and gender discrimination. I think. Do you agree?
Abir : Yea, I also think so. Well, tell me what’re the-effects of this evil practice?
Amit : It leaves deep psychological effects on the victims. Often it’s associated with rape and murder.
Abir : Does it harm girls education?
Amit : Yes, drop-out rate of girls from schools and colleges increase due to this.
Abir : So, we,should stop this at any cost. Do you agree?
Amit : Yes, and for this govt. should introduce strict laws. At the same time, media and the conscious people should work for raising awareness against eve-teasing.
Abir : You’re right, in fact. But I think, we also should uplift the status of women and girls in the society by ensuring gender equality. What do you think?
Amit: I also think so. if we can ensure all these , we may get a society free from this social vice.
Abir: Thank you very much for the discussion .
Amit: you are Always welcome.

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