Dialogue between two friends about traffic jam

Write a dialogue between two friends about traffic jam in your country / city.

Dialogue between two friends about traffic jam
Dialogue between two friends about traffic jam

A dialogue between Runa (myself) and. Nabila (my friend) about traffic jam
Ruma : Hello. Nabila. What’s wrong with you? You look exhausted today.
Nabila : Oh, don’t say. I’m bored with serious traffic jam in our city.
Ruma : It’s nothing new, you know. Almost all the towns and cities of the country are badly affected by it.
Nabila: You’re right. But very recently it’s risen to an intolerable level.
Ruma : I agree with you. This is killing our valuable time
Nabila : Yesterday, I’s about one hour late for my test exam. Such is happening almost everyday. .
Ruma : Yes, particularly we, the students are seriously affected with it. We hardly can join our school in time.
Nabila : And think about the patients and office-goers?
Ruma : Yea, they also suffer as severely as we.
Nabila : Can’t this problem be eradicated ?
Ruma : Oh, for that you’ve to find out the reasons behind this.
Nabila : Well, what do you think are the reasons?
Ruma : I think population explosion is the main one. Besides, narrow roads, negligence of the authority and our carelessness worsen the situation. What do you think?
Nabila : I agree with you. But such a tremendous situation must not go on.
Ruma : I also think so. We must ensure necessary steps to be taken to curb this problem.
Nabila : And for this, first of all, we need to increase awareness among all classes of people about the consequences of traffic ‘am.
Ruma : Right ,you’re. But infrastructural development should also be ensured.
Nabila : And, above all, traffic rules must be enforced strictly.
Ruma : I’ve also the same opinion. Thank you.
Nabila : Thank you, too.

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