Dialogue between two friends on democracy

Dialogue on democracy : Write a Dialogue between two friends on democracy in English.

Dialogue between two friends on democracy
Dialogue between two friends on democracy

Mazed : Good morning, Jamal. How’re you?
Jamal : Good morning, Mazed. I’m fine, and you?
Mazed : i am also fine in this democratic country.
Jamal: Really, democracy is a good practice.
Mazed :Actually democracy is a good policy where everyone of a country gets freedom to express himself.
Jamal: That’s true. But sometimes democracy falls at a stake because of instability of politics.
Mazed : Yes, in that case the political leaders forget their political commitment to the nation. But in a democratic country people can live happily with their right.
Jamal: I do not differ with you. But if the democracy is not applied properly, people have to undergo sufferings.
Mazed: You are saying democracy should not be turned into autocracy?
Jamal: Right My Friend, practicing democracy is good but if we betray to our democracy,
we’ll not be able to taste its fruit.
Mazed : What’s the present position of democracy?
Jamal : I can not say that it is being practiced rightly. For the self interest the political leaders as well as the big guns of the country sometimes ignore democracy.
Mazed : Honesty and, love for the country can be the safety for the democracy. When we lose it, we fail to get benefit from a democratic system.
Jamal : Education and consciousness are also essential to save our democracy. Without these, democracy is valueless.
Mazed : Well, I am very happy to talk with you, especially on democracy.
Jamal : Thank you very much my friend.

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