Drug addiction Composition in english

Drug addiction Composition
Drug addiction Composition

Drug addiction Composition : Drug abuse is one of the major national issues. It has spread all over the country. Our situation is feared to be very much vulnerable to wrong use of drugs because we are close to two biggest drug producing or trafficking areas- The Golden Triangle and the Golden Crescent. They include Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Afghanistan, Pakistan Turkey etc.

The present condition of drug addicts in Bangladesh: The present condition of drug addicts in Bangladesh is very deplorable. It is estimated that there are about 4 million drug addicts in Bangladesh. Mainly the hard-up people living below poverty line are drug addicts. They use heroin, cannabis, phensydil, pethydrine and Other things. The users are teenagers, youths and many of them are even of 40 years of age. Most of the users are jobless and marginalized group. The drug addicts are available around us. They are seen in the cities and also in the rural areas.

Availability of Drugs: Drugs are not produced in our country. The supply of drugs comes from Our neighbouring countries. Moreover, many of our big shots are involved In drug trafficking. They use the slum dwellers for making quick benefit. The sale of drugs is largely confined to slum dwellers. Besides, many of the local drug corners supply drugs as medicine but they are misused in different ways causing health hazards.

The drug addicts & causes of it: The poor people, spoiled school/college students and a frustrated section are mainly the drug addicts. For different causes they take drugs. Outs of frustration from love, not getting good job, because of poverty and frustration, the drug users are increasing. Now-a-days it has created a fashionable mark among the youths of the rick. Bad company also pushes them to be a drug addict.

Effects of drug addicts: The future of the drug users is gloomy. They lose their health family peace and harmony. There are some having family, genetic and psychic problems. Some are victims of erosion of values and wide spread corruption. Illicit drug makes the users physically and mentally disabled. It may lead to fatal consequences and spread HIV. Drug abuse destroys social peace also . According to narcotic dept. the number of criminals including theif, terrorist and hijacker is increasing because of it. And 60% of crimes are due to the use of illegal drugs. it creates social unrest and disorder. it destroys the dignity of a person also.

Measures to be taken: To save the people from taking drugs effective measures should be taken immediately. Our government has already established the department of Narcotics to check drug trafficking. Already a number of criminals related to drug trafficking have been arrested and punished. But the increase of drug addicts is alarming. Every person should come under a social banner to protect it. Public awareness should be increased through both printed and electronic media. They sometimes should focus on the hazards of drug abuse. besides, articles about drug abuse and its harm should he included in the text books or our schools. Many NGOs are working on drug addicts reduction . Every year our country observes international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking with due seriousness. However, to prevent this poisonous and suicidal action , social integration of drug offenders should be vigorously pursued through education, treatment, rehabilitation and motivation. More centres for correction, facilities for long term psychic help, counseling etc. are required.

Conclusion: Drug addiction, destroys not only an individual but also damages family peace, social harmony and creates national crisis . It destroys one’s health causing incurable diseases. We should not allow this to continue more. To save our life, to ensure our family peace and to overcome the national crisis we must take actions against it.

Composition on Drug Addiction 2 :

Drug Addiction OR Danngers Of Drug Addiction Composition : Drug addiction in Bangladesh today has leached an alarming level. Usually, the term ‘Drug’ refers to medicine. But as we say ‘Drug Addiction’, the term ‘Drug’ means some illegal substance that is harmful in all respects. So, drug addiction means a condition where a person can not stop using some drug in a manner that is different from the prescribed pattern. When drugs are used without any medical need and the user becomes severely dependent on them, it creates the situation called drug addiction.

History of drug addiction in Bangladesh : Drug addiction is not a new phenomenon. It started with the introduction of agriculture when people discovered naturally growing plants whose consumption would change moods or give pleasant feelings. But drug addiction today has changed its character. Now, the addicts use not only natural drugs but also artificially made chemicals having stimulating effects.

Drug addicts in Bangladesh : Most drug addicts in Bangladesh are young males and females. A substantial number of addicts are students in their teens and young adults from higher socio-economic brackets. According to some studies, about 40% of the addicts come from upper class families, 30% from middlp class and 30% from lower class background.

Drugs commonly abused in Bangladesh : Drugs of abuse are of two types; natural drugs and artificially made chemical substances. Natural drugs include opium, cocaine cannabis, etc. The other type include phensidyl, pethidine, barbiturates etc. Drug addicts in Bangladesh frequently use both types of drugs. Mostly abused drugs in Bangladesh are ganja, sidhi, bhang, charas, hasis, phensidyl, pethidine, tidigesic, heroin etc.

Causes behind drug addiction in Bangladesh :

(i) Geographical position of Bangladesh : Bangladesh lies between the Golden Triangle (Laos, Myanmar, Thailand) and Golden Crescent (Afganistan, Iran, Pakistan). Almost 90% of the world’s harmful drugs are produced in these regions. This position of our country has made it vulnerable to be a transit for trafficking of drugs. Besides, Bangladesh has a very large border with India where phensidyl, tidigesic etc. are hugely produced and can be easily transported inside. All these have made drugs available to the users which is the main cause of drug addiction in our country.

(ii) Frustration among youths : Due to our poor economic condition, many of our youths do not have work. Many young people are tired of harsh competition in everyday life. As a result, they are getting frustrated and turning to drugs as an escape channel.

(iii) Moral degradation : With the introduction of Satellite TV Channels, alien cultures have been eroding age-old moral values. Lack of proper moral education in the country is worsening the situation. As a result, many youths are inclined to imitate the so-called ‘fast life’ and take drugs as a symbol of status.

Consequences of drug addiction : The use of illegal drugs and crime go hand in hand. The addicts do anything to obtain drurgs. Crimes most frequently committed by drug users are pick pocketing, theft, robbery, prostitution, public nuisance and drug-peddling. In family and personal level, violence, family disruption and health problems are consequences of drug addiction. Drugs may cause long term damage to brain, heart and lungs. The most devastating problem associated with drug use is the spread of HIV. On the other hand, initially the addicts feel drowsy and loose appetite. But with days going on, they become dependent on drugs. They cannot but increase the dose and frequency of taking drugs. This ultimately leads on addict to death.

Measures undertaken regarding drug addiction : The government has taken various steps for supply and demand reduction of drugs. Supply reduction steps include monitoring and inspection, intelligence and enforcement, crop eradication etc. On the other hand, demand reduction steps include prevention, education, treatment, rehabilitation etc. Some NGOs and private organisations are also working in this sector.

Conclusion : The conscious part of the society along with the govt. realizes the gravity of the problems of drug addiction. All are also trying to play their due roles in this regard. But the harsh reality is that, drug addicts in the country are increasing alarmingly. No, doubt, the fight against drug is a multi-disciplinary task . individuals and organisations from all concerned fields must join this. But at the same time we must ensure proper moral education for all. We should better start it from the family. Then the steps taken for supply and demand reduction of drugs will be more effective.

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