Fox and grapes story in English for students

fox and grapes story
fox and grapes story in english

Fox and grapes story : Once a fox became very hungry. He was searching for food. At last he found a vineyard. Ripe grapes were in the vines. As the fox was hungry and thirsty, the sight of ripe grapes was joy for him. He was very much tempted at the beautiful sight of the ripe grapes hanging very high. He thought to himself that they would be very sweet to taste. He thought of having a good meal with the ripe grapes and desired to get some of those grapes.

He jumped up to reach the grapes. But the grapes were hanging too high. He could not reach them. He tried again and again but he failed, At last the poor fox became tired and thought that it was quite useless for him to try any more. SO, he went away and consoled himself saying that the grapes were sour and he did not want them.

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