Fruits Of Bangladesh Composition in English

Fruits Of Bangladesh Composition
Fruits Of Bangladesh Composition

Fruits Of Bangladesh Composition : Fruit is a structure formed from a mature or ripe ovary of any plant species after fertilization has occurred. The term ‘fruit’ is more conveniently used to refer to the part of the seed suitable for human consumption . It is eaten fresh, either ripe or young. Bangladesh abounds with a large variety of tropical and subtropical fruits.

Fruit population of Bangladesh : Different fruits grow in Bangladesh round the year because of favourable climatic conditions. Fruit population of Bangladesh commonly includes more than two hundred species . These are different in size, taste and colour. Some are big and some are small. Some taste sweet and some are sour. Again the fruits may be classified as summer fruits, winter fruits and fruits in all seasons. But whatever may be their size, taste and colour, almost all of them are health-giving.

Most common fruits of Bangladesh : About 30 species of fruits are common in Bangladesh. Among them mangoes, bananas, jack fruits, Indian jujube , guava etc. are the most common. Here is a short description of some most common fruits of Bangladesh.
Mango : Mango is the most popular fruit in our country. It has about 3000 variety both in cultivation and in the wild. The most popular varieties grow in the northern districts of Bangladesh. Some varieties like Fazli, Langra, Gopalbhog, Mohonbhog, Himsagar etc. are famous for their taste and flavour. June-August is the common time to harvest mangoes.
Jack fruit : Jack fruit is a composite fruit and grows all over the country. It is, perhaps the largest fruit (upto 50kg.) in the world. It is called the national fruit of Bangladesh. It is delicious and juicy. June-September is the common time to harvest jack fruit.
Banana : Banana grows almost every where in the country. It grows all the year round. It is sweet and beautiful. The Sabri, Sagar, Kabri, Amritasagar, etc. are some famous varieties of banana.
Indian Jujube : Indian jujube is a small fruit available in off seasons. The weight per fruit is 10-70g. It can be harvested during February-March. Nowadays, some hybrid varieties of Indian Jujube are being cultivated.
Coconut : Coconut grows abundantly in the southern and central parts of Bangladesh. It can be harvested all the year round. Green coconut is a favourite drink. Ripe coconuts give us both food and oil.

Some other common fruits of Bangladesh : Some other common and popular fruits of Bangladesh are Black plum or Black Berry , Sapodilla , Tamarind , Palmyra palm, Monkey Jack , Indian Olive , Carambola or Star fruit , Hog plum , Star Apple , Crape Fruit , Burmese Crape, River Ebony , Velvet Apple , Wood Apple , Indian Apple etc.

Production of fruits in Bangladesh : About 630 metric ton banana, 265 metric ton Jack fruit and 190 metric ton mango are produced per year in Bangladesh. Total production of different kinds of fruits will be about 30,000 metric-tons. This figure excludes coconut which is perhaps produced in the highest tonnage.
Conclusion : Fruits play an important role in our life, and economy. They are a great source of nutrition . Besides, thousands of people are engaged in fruit production and fruit selling. Govt. and different NGO’s have extended. their helping hands to promote fruit production. Fruit-culture and fruit-eating can effectively lead to the promotion of national health as well as national economy.

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