Honesty is the best policy story in English

Honesty is the best policy story
Honesty is the best policy story

Honesty is the best policy story : Once there lived a poor farmer who worked very hard to maintain his big family. But he could hardly manage two square meals a day.One day while working in the field he found a basket. He picked it up and carried it home.

His wife became very glad to see it. She thought that the purse must contain some valuable things. By selling those things they could overcome their poverty and enjoy happy days. But the farmer was an honest man.He was not at all interested to use anything from the purse. His wife opened it and found many gold coins covered with some ragged clothes. She told the farmer to use all the coins for themselves. The farmer was in a great problem.

However, he announced in the market that he had found a purse. The real owner could take it from him showing the real identity. At last the real owner was discovered. The owner of the purse became highly pleased at the honesty of poor farmer and gave him some gold coins as a reward for his rare quality.

He sold the gold coins and got a lot of money. With the money the farmer started a small business. In course of time he became a rich man. His poverty disappeared and he became solvent and happy. Thus his honesty was rewarded.

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