Ill got ill spent story in English

Ill got ill spent story
Ill got ill spent story

Ill got ill spent story: There lived three friends in a village. One day, the first friend planned to steal gold from a house. The second friend opposed it saying that stealing is very bad and it is disreputable as it is not a dignified profession. Hearing
this, the third friend put forth some arguments in favor of stealing saying, “Necessity knows no law. We are all very poor. We have no guarantee of basic need and none will help us to meet our need. But we want to remain
alive anyhow. So, there is nothing bad in stealing.” At this, they all agreed to steal and with the leadership of the second friend they stole a bag of gold coins from the house.

But problems arose over the sharing of the coins.
The second friend demanded a larger portion on the basis of priority that the plan for stealing was hit upon by him first. As the chaos about sharing was going on in a jungle, a gang of robbers came across them while
passing by. At that moment the chief robber realized, the cause of the quarrel among the friends and said, “I can solve your dispute.” “How?” asked the second friend. “By snatching the bag from you,” said the robber. And the gang of robbers rode in another direction faster than the wind immediately after snatching away the bag. Then the three friends being at a loss began looking at one another.

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