king solomon wisdom story for class 10/ssc/hsc

Long long ago, there lived a king. Solomon was his name. He was a wise man. Many people came to him every day and asked him many questions. King Solomon answered all the questions. so people called him, “wise Solomon”. In another country’ there ruled a queen. the name of the country was Sheba. One day the Queen of Sheba said to her courtiers “people call King Solomon ‘wise Solomon.’ But is he really wise? I will go to his kingdom and test his wisdom.

so one day the Queen of Sheba went to him and said, “Oh, King! People call you ‘Wise Solomon.’ You answer many questions every day. Now I will ask you a question Please answer it.” King Solomon looked at her and she was warmly received and said, “Ask your question.” ” The Queen of Sheba then placed two garlands on a table before the king. both the garlands looked alike, The Queen turned to King Solomon and asked him, “Oh king look at these two garlands roses. They look alike. But one garland is a garland of real roses, The other garland is a garland of paper-roses. which of the two garlands is the garland of real roses? Tell me this, and I’ll say that you are really wise.

King Solomon looked at the two garlands for a time. He could not say anything. Then he got up, went to the window near the table and opened the window. outside, there was the king’s garden. Soon a few bees flew into the room. They came near the garlands and sat on one of them. The king pointed to the garland with the bees on it and said to the Queen of Sheba, “This garland, Oh Queen, is the garland of real roses.” The Queen of Sheba clapped her hand and cried out, “May God give you a long life, Oh king: Rightly do they call you, “Wise Solomon?

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