2 My aim in life composition in English

My aim in life composition in english
My aim in life composition in english

My aim in life composition : A person’s success in life depends on the right choice of an aim in life. It is said that a Man without an aim in life is like a boat without a rudder. So everyone should have an aim in life. A person differs from another in taste, liking and ability. So different persons have different aims. There are many professions to be taken. Every profession is useful and important. I honour every profession but my aim in life is to be a teacher.

I know many people will not agree with me to my choice. But I think teaching is a noble profession. It is. the most important of all professions. Teachers are nation builders. They make the nation educated. Thus they help the nation to be developed. They make useful citizens of the country. They make doctors, engineers, high officials, scientists and future leaders Of the country. So their role cannot be ignored.

I know teaching is not an easy task. A good teacher is an asset of the country. He is, in fact, a good student throughout his life. He considers his profession as a mission. He does not hanker after Money. He likes to lead a simple life. I have chosen teaching as my aim in life so that I can do something for the people. I want to be an English teacher. I know it is hard to be an English teacher. I have to work hard to get myself admitted into a good university. I must have good marks in all subjects in the SSC and HSC Examination. Moreover I have to do well in the admission test.

I think I will be able to qualify myself to be admitted to a good University and after completing my honours and masters degrees in English .I will start my profession. I know my profession will not make me rich. But it Will, Make me popular with my students. It will make me one of the important persons of the society. It will give me a chance to take part in nation building activities.

My aim in life composition 2:

Man’s life on earth is very short. In this short span of life, he makes much hopes and desires. He wants to make life filled with flowers and leaves of success. Aim is the pillar of success in human life. An aimless life is like a ship without a radar . So, in order to be successful in life, a certain aim should be fixed earlier.

Different aims : Different men have different aims in life. Some want to be high officials or scholars or poets etc. Someone wants to be a doctor or an engineer or a teacher. This choice of profession depends on one’s taste, aptitude and intensity of desire .

My aim : I had to think a lot to decide my aim in life. After that I suddenly settled my aim without the knowledge of my parents and relatives. This aim is not directed to earn vast riches . My aim is to be a teacher.

Guardians’ opinions: Many of my guardians, even my teachers are surprised at the selection of my aim. My parents and relatives wanted me to earn. huge money and become rich in life. So, they wished to build me up as an engineer. But they do not know that man’s wants and gains are not the same.

Reason of choice : The people around us are tortured with many problems. Diseases, wants, mourning are their daily companions. Due to lack of education, they cannot hope of standard living. They are hated on earth, ignored in the civilized world. So, I have made up my mind to be a teacher and educate them.

How to reach my aim in life: After passing the H.S.C, I shall get myself admitted into Adhyapak Abdul Majid College for B.A . Afterwards, I shall receive B.Ed. degree from a Teachers Training College of the country. Thereafter, I will join our village High school as a teacher. I will join there so that every boy and girl of my village may get the chance of receiving education. Even I will set up a night school to educate the adults .

My success: I may not see with my own eyes the great success. But I shall be rewarded if I can train up my students in the light of my vow . If hundreds of scientists. literaties,politicians come out of my attempts, I will get the greatest success in my life.

Conclusion : Teaching is a noble profession. I think, this profession will bring unexampled success in every sphere of life if we can shun ambition and are a bit careful. If the nation fails to honour this community it must suffer for this.

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