My Favourite Game Composition in English

My Favourite Game Composition
My Favourite Game Composition

My Favourite Game Composition : Various kinds of popular games are played in our country like football, cricket, volleyball, handball, basket ball and hockey. of all the games I like football most. Football is a foreign game. It was first played in England. At present it is very popular all over the world. It is not expensive as cricket. it is an outdoor game. I feel the spectators get much more pleasure than any other game.

Causes of liking : Football is my favourite game since it has some special advantages. It is not so costly as cricket.It gives us much pleasure.It is an exciting game. It makes both the players and the spectators pleasant.It doesn’t take a long time.

Required things and setting : It is an outdoor game.It requires a big field.It is generally 120 yards long and 80 yards wide.There are two goal-posts at each end. It is played between two teams. Each team has eleven players.Of them one is goal keeper,two full backs,three half backs and five forwards.There is a referee who conducts the match.

How the game played : At the beginning,the ball is placed at the centre of the field. The referee whistles and the game starts.Then each team tries to pass the ball through the opposite goal-post.But the players cannot touch the ball with hands.Only the two goal keepers can touch and catch ball.There is an interval of 10 minutes.The sides are changed after the interval.The team scoring more goals wins the game.

Teaching/Learning : It teaches us obedience to rules. It also teaches us discipline, co-operation and leadership. It improves the health of a player and makes him prompt,careful, strong, active and wealthy. Both the players and the spectators can learn the importance of rules and discipline in our life.They can learn how to struggle to be successful in life.Therefore,they are able to lead a disciplined life.It can be clearly said that football also can play a vital role in making our life disciplined and successful.

Conclusion : Finally it can be stated that though,the game of football has some risks of being injured,it is liked by all.It is as popular as any other game in the world.we like it very much.The game has both educative and cultural value.It gives us much pleasure and joy. A good player can earn a lot of money by playing football.

The Game I like Most Composition :

The game l like most is football. It is a foreign game.It came to our country from England.But at present it is one of the most popular games in Bangladesh and also all over the world. Football needs two teams,a ball and a big playground. The playground is about 120 yards long and 80 yards broad.There are two goal-posts at each of the two ends of the field.The posts are fixed into the ground.

The game is played between two teams.Each team has eleven players. It consists of a goal-keeper two backs,three half-backs and five forwards.The ball is placed at the center. A referee conducts the game. The game is divided into two equal halves with an interval of ten minutes.At the end of the first half each team changes its side.

Football is a game of rules.It is played according to some rules.Every player has to abide by these rules.The referee sees that the rules are obeyed during the play.The decision of the referee is final in all matters in the field.

Football is an exciting game.It gives pleasure to both the players and the people who watch it.It makes a player strong and teaches a player to abide by rules.It needs team-spirit and team-work to win the match.So it teaches the necessity of co-operation.It also teaches the qualities of leadership.

Football is my favourite game.l am fond of playing and watching the game.I know the facilities of football are limited for our young people.We do not have many playgrounds where players can practice football.So more facilities should be given to our football players in order to improve the
standard of football in the country.

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