My Favourite Hobby Composition In English

My Favourite Hobby Composition
My Favourite Hobby Composition

My Favourite Hobby Composition : Every man has a particular hobby. Without hobby no man can be seen in European countries especially to the English and the French. It is said that a French lass may go without a fiancee, but she must have a hobby. That is to say, more or less every man has a particular hobby.

What it is: Hobby is nothing but an alternative mental occupation. Winston Churchill defines it as an alternative mental interest .When the mind becomes engaged in any occupation, it works up to certain limit.Then it wants some other active recreations to relax and to restore energy. So it
is nothing but a gentle and pleasant occupation designed to take the tired brain off the burden of the main task.

Its uses: There are many types of hobby.Hobbies are useful in many respects. It helps him who is engaged in works of heavy mental responsibilities. Most of the great men,great thinkers, artists use their hobbies for better purpose. Einstein used to relax himself by playing on violin for some time. Similarly, Winston Churchill used to spend his time in painting after working hard several hours.

Varieties of hobby:There are varieties of hobby , like gardening, stamp collection, novel reading, newspaper reading, autograph collection, playing on flutes and violin, walking, fishing , watching games etc. Persons of less Income cultivate inexpensive hobbies like singing, dancing,
kite flying, painting and swimming etc.

Description of my hobby: My favourite hobby is gardening. In my free time I look after my Flower garden. I tend the flower plants and nurse the Flowers.I make the soil loose with a spade and weed out the grass. I water the plant regularly. I have planted different kinds of flowers In
my garden.When the tender flower plants blossom forth, I become overjoyed. I have another hobby. Novel reading is my another favourite hobby. I like to read novel whenever I get time. It gives me very pleasant feelings which can not be expressed in my language. Only I can feel the feelings of that joy.

Benefit of hobby: Hobby is helpful to me in various ways. First of all it refreshes my minds. Secondly , it makes me forgetful of my worries and anxieties. Hobby is helpful to health also.But in our country none appreciates hobby. It means that we have no real interest in life.

Demerits of hobby: If any body gives more interest on his hobby, his main task will be hampered. Since it is not main occupation. it gives little for his family. So,none should be guided only by his hobby. Hobby should be taken only for enjoyment. To maintain hobby none should waste the valuable time.

Conclusion: From hobby man has invented or created many things which bring the well-being of man. Any way people should adopt delightful pursuits to make life happy and pleasant.Through my hobbies like gardening and reading novel I get much pleasure. And I gather energy in my main occupation.

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