My First Day At College Composition in English

My First Day At College Composition
My First Day At College Composition

My First Day At College Composition: Human life is eventful. Every day there are many events in our life but all the events cannot make the days equally important and memorable. Only a few events deserve special attention and make the days ever memorable. My first day at college i s such a day which I ,remember most.

Description of the day : It was the 2nd of September, 2000. After taking my breakfast and wearing a new dress I started for BP college. When I reached the college, my heart leaped up in joy thinking that the college life opened before me a new vision of life. I was thrilled at the beautiful sight of the college campus. It was crowded by many young boys and girls. But as they were unknown to me. I felt lonely. I was fidgeting. At last my loneliness was removed when I found a new comer like me. We two went to the notice board and took down the class routine. When the bell for the first period rang, we entered the room no 36. There I found many students sitting on the benches. I took my seat in the front bench. After a while, a well-dressed, handsome gentleman entered the room. He was a professor of English. All the students stood up to show him respect. He called over the rolls. After that he began his lecture in English. I listened to him with rapt attention. I was charmed with his soft and polite behaviour. Classes on other subjects were also held. I enjoyed all the classes very much.

During Interval, I went to the college common room. I became happy to see the Well-furnished room. There were arrangements for reading newspapers, magazines and journals. There were also good arrangements for indoor games like carom, table tennis, chess etc. The college auditorium was attractive. It was housed in a spacious room. It was well decorated. The beautiful dais in the room was very charming. The college library wondered me most. It was enriched with a vast collection of hooks on different subjects of different writers and critics. The room was well-equipped and spacious. The reading room inside the library was really excellent. Besides these, I visited also the science laboratories, the botanical garden, the mosque, the temple, the gymnasium and the canteen of the college which gave me much joy. After the end of the class hours, I left the college campus with a mindful of jay, thrill and new experience.

conclusion : Actually, my first day at college as a day of discovery of my own-self. I’ll never forget the day.

My First Day At College essay / composition 2 :

Composition My First Day At College : There are some events and experiences in my life. But all are not equally important and memorable. Some of these are pleasant and they remain ever-green in my heart. My first day at College is such a day. I heard a lot of things about college education during my school life. So I had been eagerly waiting for that sweet day.

Preparation for the college: At last the cherished day came. It was the 20th August of 2019. On that day , I was well dressed and started for the college at 8.30 a.m. with the permission and blessing of my parents. My joys knew no bounds.
My first feeling in the college : I reached the college just at 9 a.m. It was Victoria college, Cumilla. I wondered at the college building. It was a fine three-storeyed attractive building. I realised that a new chapter had started in my life and I must go forward. The whole college campus was crowded by lots of young pupils . At first I felt very lonely. I was Hanging around here and there. Then I met some of my friends. We exchanged greetings with one another. They took me to the notice board. I took down my class routine and the room-numbers. With a surprise, I found that the classes are not held in a particular room. I shall have to change my classroom after about every period.
My first period in the college : When the class-beginning bell rang, we all entered a big room. Just after a minute, a well-dressed, handsome professor appeared before us. We all stood up to honour him. I came to know that he was the professor of English. He called over the rolls. Then he addressed us as gentlemen and delivered an advising lecture . He treated us as his friends and spoke in a polite manner. I listened to his words attentively. I found a great difference between a school teacher and a college teacher.

Other classes : After 45 minutes, the bell rang. Then we changed our classroom according to the routine. I took my seat in the first bench. It was our Bengali class. The professor consulted a poem of Rabindranath Tagore. I enjoyed the class pleasantly. The professors of Physics and Chemistry took the third and fourth period. I found that all the professors were very learned and polite. I was really proud of getting myself admitted into such an ideal institution.
The college common-room and the library : The classes were suspended after the fourth period on that day. Then I went to the students common-room. It was well furnished . There I found newspapers and periodicals on the stands. There were also arrangements of indoor games such as carroms, table tennis sets, chess boards etc. other enjoyments. I found some students playing and some reading newspapers, magazines and journals.
Conclusion : My first day at college is the most memorable day of my life. Everything in the college appeared before me to be new and joyful. I left the college with new experience and cheerful mind. The day will remain evergreen in my memory.

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