Essay on Computer with word meaning

Essay on computer
Essay on computer

Essay on Computer : Computer is the latest and most wonderful contribution of modern science. It Is an ultra-modern electronic device of modern technology. But it has no ability to do anything by itself. It works on the basis of commands given by the operator . It can solve many complicated problems within a short time.

Invention : Charles Bavez is called the father of modem computer. He invented the structure of computer at first in 1833. His invented computer had five parts. These were Store, Mill, Control, Input and Output. But the credit for the invention of modern computer goes to American scientist Mr. Howard Akin. Later on, Harvard University and I. B. M. company combinedly invented the modem electric computer in 1944. After this, it has been rapidly modified and finally with the invention of microprocessor in 1971 the size of computer became smaller.

Classification of computer : Computers are of three kinds. These are Analogue, Digital and Hybrid computers. Nowadays, computer means a digital computer. Each of the special systems is called generation. At present, fourth generation computer is being used. Only I. C. (Integrate Circuit) computers are active in the present market.

Functions and major components of computer : A computer performs three functions. It receives data, processes it and at last emits it. It consists of major , components the input unit, the output unit, the memory unit, the control unit and the arithmetic unit.

Working system : At first the details of work is put into the input of the computer. It is called programme. The computer does not work in our language. So the programme is put in its own machine language. This programme is typed and produced in the teletype unit of the information input. The output prints the results With the help of the printing machine. Its signal goes to the memory and the control unit reads them and sends them to the output unit. Being informed the control unit makes signals to send them to the arithmetic unit. After finishing its tasks, it sends them to the result output. Thus result is emitted by computer.

Usefulness : Computer is very useful to us. It is used in our daily life for various purposes.

(i)In education : Computer has made a great change in education. The students of developed countries use computer to prepare their study materials. The result of various examinations is prepared accurately by computer within a short time.
(ii) In medical science: At present computer is used to diagnose disease. A new process of operation is invented which performed by computer as an alternative of surgery . Besides this, computer is used to grind stones in normal pathological test.
(iii) In commerce : Nowadays, computer is used to prepare document and budget and to store information. The price of currency and price of any share can be known instantly by computer.

(iv) In industrial sector : At present; computer is used run mills, factories and industries in developed countries. In dangerous and risky industrial fields, computer is being used in place of humans.
(v) In communication : It is computer that has made possible automatic tele-communication threugh STD. It has facilitated internet and e-mail. It is also used to fly planes.

(vi) Other uses of computers : Besides these, computer calculates sums correctly. It is also being used in agricultural sector in developed countries. Moreover, it is helping in conquering space.

Demerits : In-spite of having uncounted merits of computer, it has also some demerits. It causes diseases like respitutive stress injury and it weakens the eye sight Of the operator.

Computer in Bangladesh : Use of computer began in Bangladesh in the 1960’s and assumed wider dimension in the nineties. Many Govt. and non-govt. offices, educational institutions etc. are using computers. A course on computer has been introduced in the secondary and higher secondary level. However, the day is not so far when Computers will be used in every sphere of life in Bangladesh.

Conclusion : The computer is a blessing of modern science. We cannot go a single moment without it. It lessens our works and our lives easy and simple. Today, there is hardly any field where computer is not being used. Now it is upon us to make the best use of it.

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Contribution means
the part played by a person in bringing about a result.

invention means –the creation of something in the mind.

component means- an abstract part of something

emit means –Produce and discharge

Aild means- to be ill or unwell 

repetitive means – involves doing the same thing over and over again

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