Self employment Composition in english

Self employment Composition
Self employment Composition

Self Employment Composition : Self employment is badly needed in the present condition of the world. In our country, there are still so many people unemployed . Moreover in this golden time of open market economy, the government is no more the biggest employer. Everyone knows that unemployment threatens not only our economy but also our social order and discipline. We know that unemployed people are frustrated and can commit any crimes.

What is self employment : Self employment is working in one’s own firm, field or business. There are two ways of getting employed. One is to serve under other’s authority. And the second is doing one’s own work. Self employment is working independently. While serving under other is sacrificing one’s own liberty and accepting other’s authority. As self employment provides a lot of liberty, it also has some risks . Generally people of our country don’t like to take risk. They want to do job under other’s authority at a fixed salary. In salaried jobs, there are hardly any potentials of progress . A self-employed person can make tremendous success if he is efficient, sincere and hardworking. We have to change our mentality in this regard.

The Present Condition of employment: In our country the condition of employment is frustrating. According to the Bureau of National Statistics the rate of unemployment is about 5.3%. And with the sharp increase in population, this rate is soaring high and high. Government is getting gradually unable to accommodate so huge number of unemployed people as the government is trying to privatize Government enterprises in the wake of privatization’s and market economy. In this situation self employment can be a viable and effective way out. Already many unemployed youths have established themselves in poultry raising, dairy firming, horticulture , fishing and vegetable cultivation. The self employed youths working in these sectors are meeting up domestic needs instead of import and on the other hand we have also started exporting frozen fish, vegetables and other agricultural products which will give us a strong reserve of foreign currency. In this reality self employment should be given the highest priority .

The ways of self employment: All the avenues of self employment should be explored and utilized . Moreover self employment should be in a planned and organized way. Firstly the enthusiastic youths should be motivated and trained in a particular field. They should also be provided With initial capital on easy terms. Development of practical skills is the rudiment for self employment. We should pay more attention to agro based small scale industries such as poultry raising, dairy farming, fish cultivation , vegetable cultivation, flower cultivation, apiculture, handicrafts and cottage industries .

Conclusion: To sum up unemployment problem is one of the major problems that threaten the survival of ours as a nation. The problem should be addressed realistically and effectively. Self employment should be made a popular slogan. Still there are many people who don’t think high of self employment. The mass media should motivate the popular public opinion in favour of self employment. Self employment should be emphasized to reduce the severity of unemployment problem . Self employment can be the key to viable national development. Above all we should keep in mind that massive self-employment will give our country self sufficiency.

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