The fox and the crow story with moral in English

The fox and the crow story
The fox and the crow story

The fox and the crow story : One day, a crow stole a piece of meat. She flew away and sat on the branch of a tree. At that moment , a fox going somewhere. When he came under that tree, he noticed the meat in the crow’s beak. The sight of the piece of meat made his mouth filled with water. He thought for sometimes.

Then he hit upon a plan to have it. He said to the crow, “Oh beautiful Crow! Your complexion is so fair. I think you can sing nicely. Would you please sing a song for me?” At first the crow did not want to sing. But as the fox carried on praising her, she felt proud of her tongue.

Finally, she started to sing a song. But no sooner had she opened her mouth than the piece of meat fell off her mouth. The clever fox took it and ran away. The crow had paid a heavy price for her foolishness.

Moral : Don’t fool other. Otherwise you will be fooled.

The fox and the crow story in English 2:

A crow had snatched a large piece of cheese from a windowsill and was now perched  securely on a high tree, about to enjoy her prize. A fox spied the dainty morsel in her beak and tried to think of a way to make it his.  “Oh crow!” he said, “how beautiful your wings are! How bright your eyes! How graceful your neck! Indeed, your breast is the breast of an eagle! Your claws – i beg your pardon— your claws are a match for all the beasts of the field. Oh, if only your voice were equal to your beauty, you would deserve to be called the queen of birds ” .

Pleased by the flattery and chuckling as she imagined how she would surprise the fox with her caw, she opened her mouth and out dropped the cheese, which the fox promptly snapped up. Then, right  before he departed, he cried out to the crow, “You may indeed have a voice, but I wonder where your brains are.”

The fox and the crow story 3:

There was a crow on a tree with a piece of meat in its beak. A hungry fox sat under  the tree looking for a meal. But it was finding no food to satisfy its hunger. Suddenly it looked up in the tree and found the crow sitting on the branches of a tree with the piece of meat in its beak. It felt tempted to have the piece of meat. But the crow was out of its reach.

So it hit upon a plan. It started praising the crow saying that it can sing very well. “What a nice voice you have You can sing so sweetly. But why are you keeping silent? Can’t you sing Sweetly like other crows? I miss your sweet note so profoundly the cunning fox said all these in a praising mood to the crow. The crow became very glad hearing that it has a sweet voice.

Besides, the fox’s suspicion about whether he could sing sweetly like other crows inspired it to prove its ability. So, the crow started crowing loudly. But as soon as it started crowing, the piece of meat fell from its beak on the ground. Without wasting a single moment, the fox ate up the piece of meat. The foolish crow could realize its fault but it was too late.

Although it stole the piece of meat front a butcher’s shop with the high risk of its life, but now it had nothing to do except watch the fruit of its hard labour being snatched away.


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