The greedy dog story in english with moral

the greedy dog story: One day a dog stole a piece of meat from a house. He began to run with it very fast. The dog wanted to run away from other dogs. We know that dogs are selfish and greedy. By this time he came to a river. He was thinking how to cross the river. He looked around and saw a bridge over the river nearby. He came to the bridge and started running over the bridge . He was thinking that he would enjoy the piece of meat by himself alone. In the mean time while crossing the bridge over the small river, he looked down and saw his own shadow in the water of the river.

But the dog could not understand that it was his own shadow. He took the shadow to be another dog with another piece of meat. The dog was greedy and jealous as well. He wished to get also that piece of meat in the water; He thought that another dog-was passing with a piece of meat. This  aroused his greed. The dog went angry. He said, “You scoundrel, you cannot have that piece when I am here. I must have that piece too.” The dog barked at his own shadow. As he opened his mouth, his ownpiece of meat dropped into the water. His greed and jealousy led him to lose his own piece of meat.

Moral: Grasp all, lose all.

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