The greedy farmer story for class 10 / ssc/ Hsc

Once there lived a poor man in a village. He had a peculiar goose which laid a golden egg everyday. The poor man earned his livelihood by selling the egg everyday in the market. With this money the farmer did not become a very rich man but was söivent enough to run his family in a respectable way. Now he was living a happy life with his family. But the farmer was not satisfied with the money and solvency he got. He became more ambitious and wanted to be a rich man soon.

The farmer became More greedy. He wanted to be a rich man all on a sudden. So he wanted to get all the golden eggs at a time. With all the golden eggs he wanted to be a rich man whose name and fame would spread far and wide. He thought if he killed the goose, he would get all the golden eggs at a time and would become a rich man overnight. He made a decision to kill the goose in order to execute his planning.

The farmer talked to his wife regarding this, His wife got angry hearing about the destructive planning of the farmer. His wife warned the farmer that he would lose everything by killing the goose. But the farmer was adamant and he would go on with the plan. As a result he was worried whether he should kill the goose. At last he yielded to temptation.

But he could not resist his temptation. He took a knife one morning. His wife tried heart and soul to prevent him from killing the goose. But he did not listen to her and opened the stomach Of the goose. But he found nothing in the stomach. Then he was deeply .shocked. He cried- aloud, “Alas!
What have I done, I have destroyed my fortune. My greed has destroyed my life. Now the sorrows and frustration of the greedy farmer knew no bounds. His greed again made him å poor, hopeless and hapless man.

The moral: Greed destroys good fortune.

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