The Honest farmer story for class 10 / ssc / hsc

The Honest farmer story : Once there lived a poor farmer who worked very hard to maintain his big family. But he could hardly manage two square meals a day. One day while working in the field he found a basket. He picked it up and carried it home. When he showed it to his wife, his wife was really very delighted and advised the farmer to use it for their own purpose. At this the farmer fell in a fix. He was very honest. After a while, he said to his wife that it was not there. He must find out the real owner of the purse. The wife tried to prevent him from giving it back to the owner of the purse.

But the farmer said,” that honesty is the best policy and we all must be honest. This is not my own. So why should I use it?” His wife was dishonest. At this the wife of the farmer got disappointed. But the farmer went out searching for the real owner of the purse. He had to work hard in search of the real owner.

At last he found out the real owner. He returned it to the owner, The owner of the purse was happy and wanted to reward him for his honesty, But the farmer said that he was happy to find out the real owner of the purse. The farmer further said that honesty itself is a reward. He again asked the farmer to count the money in the purse to see whether everything was alright. The owner of the house did not reward him. He simply thanked him and the farmer went back home happily. The honest farmer did not expect any reward from him.

moral of the story: Honesty is the best policy.

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