The lion and the mouse story with moral

The lion and the mouse story: one day a lion was sleeping in its cave . A mouse was playing nearby. while playing it By chance it ran over the lion’s body. At this the lion woke up and became very angry. with a terrible roar He caught the mouse and said, “you tiny creature, How dare you tease me? i will kill you” The mouse began to tremble with fear and begged for its Iife. It said “Your Majesty, I am a little creature, If you kill a poor creature like me, it will do you no honour. Spare me my life this time, donne  or later i may help you” Out of pity the lion let the mouse go. At this the mouse became very happy. It left the place hurriedly. Some days after the lion was caught in a hunter’s net.

The lion tried hard but could not get out. He began to roar. The lion was in tension. He thought that the hunter must kill him. So he began to cut the net applying all his efforts. But he failed to come out of the net The lion began to make roar. At that time the mouse was eating grass nearby. He heard the roar of the lion. It at once came to the net and said, “Your Majesty, please be quite. I will cut the ropes of the net With my little teeth. Then you will get free.” The lion thought that it was making fun with him. The mouse was a tiny animal so it was not possible for it to cut the net. However the lion told it to do its work quickly. Then the mouse started cutting the net.

After some time the mouse cut the net into pieces with teeth and set the lion free. The lion got relieved. By this time the lion knew the mouse. The lion said, “Dear little friend, you have saved my life. Even a little mouse can do a great good to a mighty lion.” The mouse replied that it was simply an insignificant task done for the lion. rf he mouse again said “I am very grateful to you. You could have killed me on that day. I will never forget your forgiveness.”

moral : no one is significant  in our life

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