united we stand divided we fall story

united we stand divided we fall story: Once upon a time there lived three friends in a village. One day, they set out in a long journey on foot. They promised to help one another and to be helpful if and when any problem arises. On the way, they had to pass through a jungle. All on a sudden, they saw a bag of gold lying on the ground. They were very glad to have the bag. There were so much gold in the bag that they would become very rich.

But unfortunately, every one of them wanted to have the bag for himself. As a result, a violent grew among them. Meanwhile, a stranger came near them. He asked what had happened. They told him everything and everyone swore by his God that he would have the bag at any cost. From their swearing, the stranger could learn that among the three one was a Christian, one Hindu and the rest a Muslim.

He then hit upon a plan. Pointing to the Christian he said, “How dare you demand the bag being a Christian? Only the Muslims and Hindus are brothers. So, they deserve the bag.” The Hindu and the Muslim friends agreed and drove the Christian friend beating severely. Now the stranger pointed to the Hindu friend and said,” You Hindus are worshippers of earthen goods. You never deserve such a reward.” So, the Muslim friend together with the stranger drove the Hindu friend.

The stranger looked around. He found nobody else. Now, he told the Muslim friend,” You fool, I’ll take the bag now. You’re now friendless. So, you’ve nothing to do.” The Muslim friend saw the strong stranger taking away the bag. Staring at his fading aspect he thought,” We forgot our promise. So, we deserve such misfortune.”

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