Uses and abuses of Mobile Phone composition

Uses and abuses of Mobile Phone composition
Uses and abuses of Mobile Phone composition

Uses and abuses of Mobile Phone composition : Mobile phone is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern information technology. It is an electronic telecommunication device which is easily portable and is not required to be connected with a wire to the telephone network. It is a wireless radio wave transmission technology. Today the world is getting smaller in circumference due to the rapid expansion of mobile phone. It has given a new dimension to personal communication

Description : At present mobile phone has become very popular to everybody since it is very convenient . The introduction of mobile phone has made our life easy and comfortable. It has also made our life speedy and busy and a revolutionary change has taken place in every spheres of life. It has been one of the unique features for all sections of the people all over the world. Now people are very close in terms of exchange of views, information and counselling by the blessing of mobile phone. Communication is the major factor for ensuring global development and this is possible tar a number of devices like hi-tech vehicles and The latest mobile phone. Mobile phone plays a vital role in educational sector, industrial sector, technical sector, offices and global communication.

Uses of mobile phone : Mobile phone is a useful device which has many-advantages. Now we can send news to our near and dear ones in the twinkling of an eye sitting in offices, residences, hotels, colleges or universities etc. It is very useful for parents to locate and communicate with their school going children while they are away. Mobile phone helps people to be in touch with one another during times of sickness in the family or an emerging crisis. Moreover, now we can browse internet and send mail as substitution of computer. Besides, we can relax with mobile phone’s application such as play games, listen to music and chat with friends and families. It doesn’t matter to know or identify where someone is by the help of mobile phone. Above all, a mobile phone set is easily portable to any distance and all professionals depend on mobile phone for keeping close contact with one another for any urgent issue.

Abuses of mobile phone : In spite of numerous advantages of mobile phone, it has some disadvantages too. Particularly teenage children are affected much by it. They use mobile phone a lot. As a result they get bad effects like dizzy , blood-brain barrier, genetic damage, ear problem and many incurable diseases (. The blood pressure gets high and red blood cells (RBC) are damaged if a person gets continued exposure to radiation caused by a mobile phone. It is also very harmful to pregnant women. It is true that millions of people are being benefited but if a user continues his or her conversation more than two minutes, the blood-brain barrier gets damaged. The young are being accustomed to talk throughout the night leaving their studies.

Conclusion : The advancement of modern civilization is heightened by the extensive and available use of mobile phone. Along with the positive roles it has many evils. But mobile phone itself is not responsible for this. So everyone should be conscious and careful to ensure positive, wise and effective use of a mobile phone.

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