Uses and abuses of television composition

Uses and abuses of television composition
Uses and abuses of television composition

Uses and abuses of television composition: Television is one of the most striking wonders. After the invention of radio, man’s hunger for having auditory and visual experience at the same time grew up. So in order to satisfy this eternal human thirst to know the unknown and to see the unseen, man invented this wonderful magic box which has brought the world closer.

History of Television: A German scientist Paul Nepkow had been thinking about inventing a device by which one could hear as well as see things. Basing on this hypothesis the scientists of later period went on trying to invent the desired device. The credit of inventing the ultimate version of this device goes to Jhon Bayard, an American scientist. Two basic principles together constitute this device-transmission of sound and transmission of picture or image.

Merits of Television: The merits of television are so varied and wide
that it is hardly possible to describe the uses of television in short.
Communication: In the field of communication television has brought about revolutionary changes. We can watch latest news and views on T.V.
Recreation: The most important service television gives us is that
it caters to needs. We can watch movies, plays, games and sports on T.V. in order to avoid the monotony of daily life.
Education: We can watch different programmes on T.V. which has educative and moral value for us. So, by imparting education to the huge masses television can play a pivotal role in increasing social awareness against dowry , torturing women and communalism.
A powerful medium of democracy: If democracy means people’s right to know as well as decide everything for themselves television is the most effective medium in establishing this popular right.

Demerits: Television also causes worries for the society if this powerful device is used malevolently to realize petty interest of a faction. If watching television becomes an obsession with us then our daily duties will be neglected. Besides, some horror films, nude pictures and horrifying cruel scenes are screened on television which are enough to affect the moral upbringing of the youth.

Conclusion: Uses of television beggar description. Our target should be to exact the best desired benefits from this powerful medium so that. our society as well the country can move ahead. We should also guard against the dangers of using television Insensibly and malevolently.

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