Value of attire completing story for students

Value of attire completing story
Value of attire completing story

Value of attire completing story : Sheikh Sadi was a great poet. He used to put on simple dress. Once he took shelter in the house of a nobleman. The nobleman could not recognize him and treated him as an ordinary man. Sheikh Sadi did not disclose his identity and calmly left the house in the next morning.

After a few days, he came to the same noble man’s house on his way back home from the royal court. But this time, he was gorgeously dressed. The noble man took him to be an elite one as he noticed his royal dress. He entertained him highly. Sheikh Sadi understood the reason behind such a gorgeous treatment . So, he decided to teach the nobleman a good lesson.

The poet started putting the delicious food items served before him into his pocket. The nobleman and his companions got surprised at this. The nobleman politely asked, “What are you doing. sir?” “My attire deserves these food items. Some days ago, I took shelter at your house. Then I was simply dressed. I can now understand the cause of variation of your entertainment very well.” The noble man could understand his fault and begged pardon of the great poet.

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