2 Wonders Of Modern Science Composition

Wonders Of Modern Science Composition
Wonders Of Modern Science Composition

Wonders Of Modern Science Composition : The term’wonder’ refers to something that fills one with surprise,and admiration. Modern science is considered to be a skilled magician because it has worked innumerable wonders.One after one,it is providing the mankind with wonders.It has absolutely conquered many indomitable forces of nature.The wonders of modern science are too many to illustrate them in a short essay.

Electricity: Electricity is considered to the first wonder of modern science.It is the driving force of modern civilization. Life would become
totally motionless if there were no electric-power. Electric-power is used for various purposes. Thousands of useful electric devices are made to function with the use of electricity. Without it,the advancement of modern science is impossible.
Television: Television is another wonder of modern science.It is a popular medium of communicating thoughts and ideas.At the same time,it gives both image and the voice of the speaker.Thus,it can leave a permanent effect on the people.The introduction of satellite TV channels has added a new dimension to this.
Computer: Computer is one of the greatest wonders of modern science.It is a substitute for the human brain. In every sphere of life,man has been using
computer. It lessens our work load,increases our capacity and makes our lives easy and simple.It seems that in near future man will be a doll and
computer will do every brain work.
Nuclear energy : The invention of nuclear energy is a great wonder of modern Science .It is mostly being used for power generation. Besides,this energy is recently being used in medical services to treat some fatal disease like cancer.On the other hand, man can make Atom Bomb,Hydrogen Bomb,Neutron Bomb,Missiles with the help of this energy. So,we see that man may use this power either in destructive or constructive works.

Space travel: Space travel is the most wonderful success of modern science.To land on the moon was out of man’s imagination just few years ago.But man has made this impossible work possible by dint of science. Not only this,scientists have become successful to investigate into the Mars and are going to send space-shuttle different planets of the university. So,it is possible now to turn man’s imagination into reality.

Medical science : Science has lessened human sufferings.Biopsy and
Ultrasonography, E.C.G, Ultra-violet ray, X-ray and Penicillin are the wonders of modern science in the field of medical science.Penicillin is an antibiotic to blood poisoning.X-ray helps the doctors in proper diagnosis of diseases inside the human body. Besides, there are many other inventions of modern science against many other fatal diseases.

Communication: Science has created wonders in the field of communication. Internet,E-mail,Mobile phone, Fax, Talephone are great wonders.They have brought the world closer to us. We can send news,message or document from one corner of the world
to other within the twinkle of an eye.

Conclusion:Modern science is still increasing the number of wonders day after day. It is impossible to say what it can perform or not.It seems that it has started its journey not to be stopped anywhere at any time.

Composition on Wonders Of Modern Science :

Science has given birth to so many wonders that are hardly possible to finish describing . After the invention of electricity and steam engine man has started inventing things at his will and for his convenience.

The first wonder-Electricity: When first men came to know about the existence of a magic power named electricity,man himself could not imagine that this electricity will change the course of human civilization so immensely. Electricity is a power or energy which, in course of time, led to the invention of steam engine.Light is the direct result of electricity without which there would have been little difference between the dark age and modern age. Even we can hardly think of any conveniences of civic life without electricity.

The second wonder-Radio: Radio is the second wonder which, to some extent, satisfied the eternal human hunger to know the unknown. Radio is such a magic box by which man can send as well as receive messages from earth to space or space to earth.As man is born with eternal thirst for knowledge,he is not always contented with just what he hears.

The third wonder-Television: With the invention of television man has been able to hear as well as see the unknown and the unseen.So television has virtually removed the barriers between nations and countries. Through television we can have both auditory and visual experience of things happening thousands’of miles away from us.It is really a great-wonder how the images of man and things are turned into electric wave and are received by the television set.

The fourth wonder-Computer : The fourth and the most striking wonder is the computer. Computer is the only scientific device that has so vastly influenced human civilization. Computer is something like a magic wand or
Aladdin’s lamp by which man can dream of doing anything at will. Computer,day by day, is becoming so widely useful that this wonderful device may be regarded as our constant companion . There is hardly any work which computer is unable to perform.

Space craft : Space craft is another wonder which has taken man to the moon. With the help of space craft man has been able to transcend barrier
between earth and space.Time may come when man will be able to conquer
whole universe with the help of space craft. Life giving medicines are also the wonders of modern science,Penicillin,X-ray,ultra violet ray are also the wonders worked out by science. Even aeroplanes rocket
missiles,atom bomb are the other remarkable wonders which are certainly worth mentioning.
Conclusion:Science has been inventing wonders after wonders.No one can
predict where it will end.So we have to wait to see what great wonders
science brings forth in the time to come.

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