A Dialogue between two friends about price hike

Write a dialogue between two friends about price-hike and its effect on poor working class people.

A Dialogue between two friends about price hike
A Dialogue between two friends about price hike

Ans: A dialogue between Anis (myself) and Antu (my friend) about price hike.
Anis : Hello Antu, how’re you?
Antu : Fine. Thanks and you?
Anis : I’m fine too. Well, nowadays the prices of daily necessaries are rising very fast. What, do you think, are the effects of it on poor working class people?
Antu : I think the poor working class people are the main victims of unusual price-hike. They can’t buy their necessary food and clothing for this.
Anis : Yes. you’re right. The poor people cannot lead a sound life for the very high prices of daily necessaries.
Antu Who’re really responsible for this price hike?
Anis : I think some dishonest people who store essential commodities to make a large fortune are responsible for this price hike.
Antu : You’re quite right.
Anis : How do you think to check this problem’?
Antu : First of all, we need to identify the reasons behind price-hike. Then the Govt. and all the concerned people should take a concerted effort to eliminate the reasons.
Anis : i agree with you. Thank you very much,
Antu : You’re always welcome.

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