A journey by bus composition in english

A journey by bus composition
A journey by bus composition

A journey by bus composition : A Journey by bus is a pleasant journey. It has given us a very interesting experience. Once we had a very good opportunity to travel by bus from Dhaka to Muzib Nagar at Meherpur District. We some classmates got into a special bus at Kamlapur terminal early in the morning.

Starting of the journey : We boarded airconditioned bus at 5 o’clock to Muzib Nagar. We crossed the Padma and
Jamuna by Feri transport. Our bus was on the Fery. By an hour and half we reached Aricha Ghat from Dhaka. When our
bus was leaving Dhaka we feel romance. The speed of the bus was medium. It was about 50 K.M. per hour. Any way
some times our bus stopped various places.

Description of the journey : I took a seat beside the window and enjoyed the natural sceneries of the out side.
On this journey I had a lot of experiences. It was a month of November. This time, the weather is mostly favourable for
journey. We fixed the month as taking journey considering the weather. It was neither cold nor hot. We were
experienced with the road transport as well as water transport. Before this journey most of my classmates never
visited North Bengal. Our destination is totally unknown to the most friends except Kabir and Biplob. Because Kabir and Biplob are the inhabitants of Chuadanga district. I saw the green fields, the villages, the rivers, the children, men and many other things. The bus moved on and on leaving behind the green trees, houses and shops. The landscape of the North Bengal is very beautiful. Most of the land is lebel . On the way of our journey we stopped Aricha Ghat for a
long time. Besides we stopped each ten minutes of Magura, Zhinadah and Chuadanga. This is very beautiful district town. There is a current river name Matha Bhanga by this town.

We took lunch at Dora Hotel and Restaurant. We finished our lunch with very satisfaction. After an hour we started for Muzib Nagar. The road from Chuadanga to Meherpur is really very good. Particularly both sides of the road are decorated with big trees. We were known that the trees had been planted before 1947.The speed of the bus was very high and we reached Meherpur with in very short time. We stayed at Meherpur for a little while just for taking information to go to Muzib Nagar. It is well-known that this place has a historical significance of our independence war. The first Government of Bangladesh was formed there. In absence of our national leader Sheikh Muzibur Rahman this place was named Muzib Nagar. We reached a Banglo. From here we visited the place walking. There is a big mango garden where at first the Bangladesh Government was formed. This place is near Indian border. We enjoyed much here and gathered a new experience of new place. Our bus was just like a air plane. The seats of the bus were very comfortable. None of us felt bore on the bus journey. I think it was the most pleasant bus journey of my life. We visited the place the next whole day. We started our journey going back Dhaka just evening. We also enjoyed night journey by bus at the time of going back. We came back Dhaka late night. During our journey I had a very beautiful experience of life. I never thought that any bus journey might be pleasant like this. Besides, the road was newly constructed and that is why there was no disturbing jerking. Rather it seemed that we were going on air plane.

Conclusion: This eventful journey by bus , will live in my memory for long. This happy trip will give me desire to
make another bus journey to other destination. This is beyond my expression how much I enjoyed the described

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